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Fix Your Inventory


If you use text-file templates to upload your product listings, you can use Manage Inventory to see (and fix) SKUs that have matching, validation, or invalid-data errors.

A listing is inactive until you've resolved any errors and provided the quantity and price.

Note: It is not possible to fix variation child SKU errors in Manage Inventory. Upload a corrected text-file feed to fix errors for variation child SKUs.

Find SKUs with Errors

Use Advanced search to find SKUs with errors by Merchant SKU or BatchID.

Also, from the left side of Manage Inventory, under All Failed Listings, you have options to see all SKUs that have errors, or only SKUs that have a specific type of error:

  • All Failed Listings lists all SKUs with errors, regardless of error type.
  • Missing Info lists SKUs with errors that occur when required data is missing, for example, UPC, product name, or manufacturer.
  • Incorrect Info lists SKUs with errors that occur when the data does not meet the formatting requirements, for example, if a SKU has a description that is too long.
  • Matching lists errors that occur when your product only partially matches an existing product in the catalog, or when an unexpected error occurred when trying to match your product to the product in the catalog. See Matching Your Products for more information.

Fix Errors

  • To fix many SKU errors in automatic succession, click the checkbox to the left of each SKU you want to fix, or select All from the checkbox above the SKU checkboxes. Then click the Actions button (to the right of the Search field) and select Fix Selected Items.
  • To fix errors for one SKU at a time, click the checkbox for the specific SKU, and then click Fix.
As you fix a SKU, the Listing Assistant on the left side of the page provides tips. Also, if a tab has a red exclamation point (!) it means there is a SKU error on that tab. After you enter the required information, the ! goes away.

Only fields in the Vital Info and Offer tabs marked with a red asterisk (*) are required. The remaining requested product information is optional, but can help customers make informed buying decisions. Once you complete the fixes on a tab, you can click the Next button in the lower right to go to the next tab, or just click another tab.

Activate SKUs

You must provide offer data to make the listing buyable. You can do this either below, through Manage Inventory, or:

  • If you use Price and Quantity files, make sure this SKU is in the file with your new price and quantity.
  • If you use Book, Music or Video Loader templates, find the row for this SKU and change the value in the add-delete column to PriceQuantity, and make sure price and quantity is updated.
  • If you use a specific category inventory file, find the row for this SKU and change the value in the update-delete or UpdateDelete column to PriceQuantity, and make sure price and quantity is updated.

After you correct a SKU's errors, to make the listing buyable through Manage Inventory, provide the price and quantity on the Offer tab, and then click Save and finish. The SKU will move to your active listings, and a confirmation message will indicate that the listing is active.

If you intend to add price and quantity later in a text-file feed, tick the check box near the top of the listing's Offer tab to skip the offer data and add it later.

An image cannot be associated with a SKU until it has an ASIN. If an image has been associated with the title, it will display on the confirmation message. Once you select an image and click Save and finish, you will see the image in the confirmation message.

Note: A fixed SKU will generally show up in your active listings after 15 minutes. 
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