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KBA codes

KBA vehicle table

There are a number of important points to consider when using the KBA table to integrate your parts catalog into the Amazon PartFinder.

Refer to the Instructions tab before using the KBA vehicle table. In order to integrate your products into the Amazon PartFinder, download the country-specific inventory file for Automotive Parts and Accessories or for Tires and Wheels, as applicable to your product.

Note: Inventory files are the category-specific Excel files used to list products on Amazon websites. When listing vehicle fitment specific products, use the correct inventory file for automotive parts and accessories or tyres and wheels depending on the fitment specific product selection you would like to list.

  1. KBA codes are (alpha-) numeric vehicle fitment codes, each of which represents a specific vehicle.

    KBA codes are based on the vehicle fitment standard KBA. You will find the respective columns in the Template tab and a definition of the data types in the Data Definition tab of the flat file for Automotive.

    • Vehicle Fitment Standard: Use this column to indicate to which database the fitment information relates to. If you are providing KBA information, enter "KBA" in this column.
    • Vehicle Fitment Code: Use this attribute to indicate the linkages (i.e. the KBA codes) that the product fits. Provide all information for one SKU in one line (KBA codes can be entered in a comma-separated format in one line).
    Attribute Definition Example
    Vehicle Fitment Code (vehicle_fitment_code) Values indicate which vehicles are compatible with the product 0035AFR,0005381,0055AAB
    Vehicle Fitment Standard (vehicle_fitment_standard) Value indicates to which data-base the "Vehicle Fitment Code" provided relate to KBA
  2. Provide the proper manufacturer key attribute values for the attributes Brand and Part Number to ensure a successful integration of your parts catalog data with the TecDoc vehicle table. Make sure not to change the format as set by the manufacturer of either attribute (i.e. spaces or special characters as used by the manufacturer must be kept).
    Attribute Definition Example
    Brand (brand_name) Brand name of the product (manufacturer assigned) SKF
    Part Number (part_number) Manufacturer's part number for the product. For most products, this will be identical to the model number; however, some manufacturers distinguish part number from model number VKPC 88828
Note: The KBA table is a German vehicle table capturing all cars registered in Germany. It is therefore possible that when providing fitment information for your products for UK, France, Italy and/or Spain using the KBA table, you will not find all the cars your products fit in the KBA table (e.g. cars existing in France but not in Germany).
Note: Fitment information is not automatically replicated across websites and therefore needs to be uploaded for each website individually.
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