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FBA Inventory Required Removals

A 30-day notice is provided in advance and as per the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement, you must remove Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory units that are unsuitable for sale from fulfillment centers.

To learn how to create a removal order, see Remove inventory from a fulfillment center. For information on automating removals, see Remove inventory automatically.

This may include inventory that is not in sellable condition (for example, unfulfillable or unsellable) or that does not have an active offer on Amazon. Unsuitable units include those that are unsellable because the customer returned them in damaged condition. Check the FBA customer returns report for relevant returns to see if this is the reason your inventory is no longer sellable.

If you do not create an active offer for those units or remove them after 30 days, Amazon can dispose them. In order to prevent items from reaching their expiration date while still in storage in our fulfillment centers, an advance notice of 7 days` will be applicable on items that come with an expiration date.

To avoid having your inventory disposed of by Amazon, you can create a removal order for the units within 30 days of receiving the required removal notice. You will not be able to cancel a required removal order once Amazon creates it.

Go to Amazon fulfillment reports to identify inventory recommended for removal. For more information on how to create a removal order, go to Remove inventory from a fulfillment center. For information on automating removals, go to Remove inventory automatically.

Important: Inventory removals are subject to a per-item fee. For more information, go to FBA removal and disposal fees.

Fees for the removal of units may apply

Identify and relist units of FBA inventory that do not have corresponding offers on Amazon by visiting the Fix stranded inventory page. You can view your Stranded inventory report at any time in Seller Central (sign-in required).

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see my unfulfillable inventory?

You can view all unfulfillable inventory in the Remove unfulfillable inventory tab in the Manage inventory page.

How do I avoid automatic disposal of unfulfillable inventory?

To avoid automatic disposal of your unfulfillable inventory, you can:

  • Create a removal order for unfulfillable inventory from the Remove unfulfillable inventory tab on the Manage Inventory page. For more information, go to Remove inventory from a fulfillment center.
  • Enable automatic returns of unfulfillable inventory by going to the Settings menu in your seller account and scroll down to Fulfillment by Amazon. On this page, select Automated unfulfillable removal settingsand click Edit.

To return inventory to an address outside of Europe, go to International returns providers. For more information, go to Remove inventory (overview).

Will I be charged a disposal fee for required removals?


What should I do if my removal order for unfulfillable inventory is canceled?

Your removal order may be canceled for the following reasons:

  • Removal orders cannot be created for unfulfillable inventory that is designated as Warehouse damaged or Carrier damaged. To view the unfulfillable reason code, go to the Remove unfulfillable inventory page and choose Unfulfillable from the drop-down in the column. For more information, go to FBA lost and damaged inventory reimbursement policy.
  • An invalid removal address was provided for the return order.

If your removal order is canceled repeatedly for reasons other than those described above, contact Selling Partner Support for more information.

I created a removal order for my unfulfillable inventory before the 30-day period. Will my units be disposed of if Amazon hasn't yet processed the removal order?

No. We will not enforce required removals if you have already created a removal order for the inventory.

Are there any circumstances in which I can extend the deadline for required removal of unfulfillable inventory beyond 30 days?

No. We do not allow extensions beyond the 30-day period.

Why can I not find the cancelation option for the automated order created by Amazon for my unsellable inventory?

Effective May 1, 2022, sellers no longer have the 7-day window to cancel the orders created by an automated system. We urge you to update your Automated Unfulfillable Settings in the UK and the EU as soon as possible or create the removal orders from Remove Unsellable Inventory page before the deadline mentioned in the notifications to avoid automated removal of your unsellable inventory.

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