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How to appeal an A-to-z Guarantee claim?

You have 30 calendar days to submit an appeal if an A-to-z Guarantee claim (“Claim”) has been granted in favor of the customer. You will be given the opportunity to provide additional information to dispute the decision.

To appeal a claim:

1. From the Performance menu, select A-to-z Guarantee Claims.

2. Click on the Option to Appeal tab, find the relevant claim, and select Appeal decision.

3. Enter your comments in the text box and include any information that may help us better understand the claim and your position on whether it should be granted.

4. Note that the text box does not support attachments. If you need to attach any documents, please use Buyer-Seller Messages to attach documents and send it to the buyer. Additionally state in your A-to-z Guarantee Claim response that you have attached additional information (for example, a valid proof of delivery) in Buyer-Seller Messages.

5. When you are ready, select Submit.

If we determine that additional information is required during our investigation, we will contact you via email. You must respond to any information request within 48 hours. For more information on responding to claim notifications, go to How to respond to an A-to-z Guarantee Claim notification.

For more information about claims, go to About Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee Claims.

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