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This article applies to selling in: France

WEEE Obligations for Spain

In Spain, the WEEE Directive has been implemented by Royal Decree 110/2015 of 25 February on WEEE (Royal Decree 110/2015). The Spanish WEEE authority is the Environmental Ministry (

The following aspects of WEEE obligations are specific to Spain.

Producer's obligations:

Under the Royal Decree relating to WEEE, producers must:

  • Prepare triennial WEEE "prevention plans" and provide them to the Spanish Coordination Commission on Waste
  • Be registered in the national Integrated Industrial Register (Registro Integrado Industrial):
  • Organize and finance the collection and management of WEEE allocated to them (see below Collection, recovery, re-use and treatment obligations)

Registration number:

You must provide your Spanish WEEE registration number(s) on your At a Glance Page and in all invoices.

Take-back obligation (distributors):

Spanish legislation requires distributors to take-back WEEE from consumers on a 1:1 basis . Online sellers must make arrangements for WEEE take-back, which can be, for example, at the point of delivery of the new EEE or by putting in place a postal solution for returning EEE (as their features allow it).

There is no 0:1 take-back obligation for online sellers in Spain.

A distributor must issue a receipt for WEEE it receives and maintain a registry of WEEE collected. Mere distributors do not have to be registered in the same way as producers, but they do have to include the details of the collected WEEE on the following online platform:

Collection, recovery, re-use and treatment obligations (producer):

A producer must collect or organize the collection of WEEE in proportion to the amount of EEE it places on the market, by:

  • setting up its own collection and treatment scheme; or
  • using a collective scheme for separate collection of waste, by joining an approved eco-organism (such as ECORAEE, see further

We hope that this page gave you an overview of the most important regulations that result from the WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU.

Note: This overview does not constitute legal advice and is provided for your information only; we do not warrant completeness or accuracy. If you have any questions, please contact an attorney or an independent consultant.
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