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Car Part Finder

Part Finder is a search tool that allows customers to find parts that fit their specific vehicle. It simplifies the search process for customers so they can view products across thousands of compatible part types and vehicles. Part Finder increases the visibility of fitment-specific products by boosting their ranking in search results and ensuring that the listing surfaces on Amazon websites.

How the Part Finder tool works

Amazon's Part Finder tool works through a stripe at the top of the Car & Motorbike category page. It allows customers to enter details of their car including make, model, vehicle, and engine type. The stripe on the detail page of the ASIN will be red if the product does not fit a customer's vehicle and green if it does.

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  • If an ASIN is not included in the Part Finder tool, it will not be shown in the product list of the fitment-specific page for the customer's vehicle. Also, the stripe on the detail page will be gray.
  • Amazon does not allow fitment information like car brands in the title of the ASIN because this can lead to a negative customer experience, and it may cause conflicts within the Part Finder tool. Therefore, if an ASIN is not included in the Part Finder tool, the only way to communicate fitment information to customers is through the description on the detail page of an ASIN.

How to add your product information to the Part Finder tool

Option 1:

Sellers can directly integrate their fitment information into Part Finder by uploading inventory files with the following attributes:

  1. vehicle_fitment_standard: Use this column to indicate which database the fitment information relates to, KBA (German Statutory body vehicle identification code- combination of HSN & TSN number) or TecDoc (standard if you are uploading Ktypes). Currently we accept linkage information in either the KBA or Ktype (Vehicle Identifier of TecDoc) form. If you are providing KBA information, enter "KBA" in this column. For Ktype information, enter "TecDoc". Currently, these are the only two values that will be accepted in this attribute.
  2. vehicle_fitment_code: Use this attribute to indicate which vehicles should be linked to the ASIN (that is, the KBAs or the Ktypes), separated by commas. Example: 0035AFR, 0005381.
    Note: There is a character limit of 2,000 characters on this attribute. This equals approximately 350 vehicle links.
  3. vehicle_fitment_note: This attribute can be read from inventory files on an ASIN level, but not on the vehicle engine level (for example, if you enter a note for an ASIN which fits 10 cars, then the same note will be applied to those 10 cars).

Option 2: My Vehicle Fitments page on seller central

  • Go to the My Vehicle Fitments page on seller central.
  • Click Add ASIN.
  • Select Type (ASIN/SKU) under Product ID type.
  • Enter the corresponding ID number (needs to be and ASIN/SKU from the seller’s inventory).
  • Select Make & Model(s) & Vehicle Types & Vehicle Position (Optional).
  • You can add only one make at a time. If your part fits more than one make (For Example, it fits BMW and Audi), first select BMW and select all vehicles it fits. Then save and submit the information. Go back to My Vehicle Fitments page.
  • Click Edit for the car part you just entered (this page will show all ASINs for which you have entered data).
  • Click Create Template (each template is for one make although you can use more than one template per make if you cannot fit all models of a particular make in one template).
  • Select Make & Model(s) & Vehicle Types & Vehicle Position (Optional).
  • Type in Engine Level Note if needed (when the specific part fits only some engines).

How to add fitment data to multiple ASIN

  • Go to My Vehicle Fitments page on seller central.
  • Click Bulk Upload.
  • Click Browse if you have the file ready or download sample file by clicking CSV sample file.
  • Select the .xml or .csv file as according to the template left.
  • Click Upload File (after filling file).

How to fill the bulk upload file (the excel comma separated values (CSV) format)

The file has the following six columns:

Column Description

This column has two values:

  • A – add information for an ASIN
  • D – delete information for an ASIN
ASIN ASIN for which information is given
VehicleID This is the alpha numerical code which can be either Ktype/KBA e.g 34532 for Ktype which is only numbers or KBA (e.g 045F123) which is a 6-7 alphanumeric character code.

If an ASIN has multiple Ktype/KBA enter each in separate row.

vehicleIdType If the previous column is a Ktype use KTYPE if its KBA use KBA
Note (Optional to fill but the column header needs to stay) This is any extra information about the car part and the particular car model (Ktype) such as a brake pad fits in the back axle of the car.
Original Equipment number for the product (Optional)

Put the OE number of the product.

The OE Number should have both the OE make ( BMW, Toyota) and the OE part number this product is an equivalent of.

The OE Make and the part number have to be separated by “%” (BMW%2317788).

Multiple OE numbers can be provided by separating OE numbers by “|” (BMW%12377188|Toyota%6677991).

  • DO NOT miss any column header.
  • Use all headers even if sellers does not have any information below it.
  • DO NOT change the column name.

Save the file as CSV (Comma Separated Values) file and upload.

If you want to include an ASIN in Part Finder across several marketplaces, you will need to upload separate inventory files for each marketplace. Part Finder is available on,,, and

Fitment information can be included for the following part types:

  1. Car Parts
  2. Car Mats and Accessories
  3. Car Seat Covers
  4. Wheel Rims
  5. Custom-Fit Roof Racks
  6. Custom-Fit Rear Racks

Additional relevant Product Information

Sellers are recommended to add other important product attributes through the inventory files:

  1. Brand
  2. EAN (European Article Number)
  3. Product part number
  4. Equivalent OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) number (This field should always be represented as Make%Number (Example: BMW%123888448) without any special characters. Usually a part would have many equivalent OEM part numbers. Provide at least one upto a maximum number of OEM Part Numbers which the field would take in Excel.)

Processing time

You can expect your information to take one to five business days to display on the Amazon website. If your listing information is not showing after five days, contact Seller Support.

Car Part Finder

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