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FBA Liquidations fees

Note: To help you avoid storage fees for products with low sell-through, and to create room for more productive inventory, we are waiving FBA Liquidations fees for any removal order that is submitted by 11:59 p.m. (CET) on November 30, 2021.

Amazon will apply the following program fees to each item that you liquidate:

  • A per-item processing fee that is based on the item size and weight
  • A referral fee on each item sold

If your inventory is liquidated via FBA Liquidations, you'll receive the net recovery value, which equals the gross recovery value minus program fees. The gross recovery value is the value for which the FBA inventory is sold to the liquidator.

Processing fee

The processing fee is per item and based on item size and weight:

Standard size Fee (per unit)
0-200 g €0.25 / £0.25
201-500 g €0.25 / £0.25
501-1,000 g €0.45 / £0.45
1,001 g or more €0.50 + €0.40 for each incremental 1,000 g

£0.50 + £0.40 for each incremental 1,000 g*

Oversize Fee (per unit)
0-500 g €0.50 / £0.50
501-1,000 g €1.00 / £1.00
1,001-2,000 g €1.50 / £1.50
2,001-5,000 g €2.50 / £2.50
5,001 g or more €3.00 + €0.40 for each incremental 1,000 g

£3.00 + £0.40 for each incremental 1,000 g*

*Incremental weights are rounded up to the nearest 1,000 g.

Referral fee

The referral fee is 15% on each item sold through FBA Liquidations. For all products, Amazon deducts the referral fee percentage calculated on the gross recovery value.

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