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This article applies to selling in: France

Buy shipping through Seller Central

You can buy shipping and related services, as well as purchase and print shipping labels, using Buy Shipping in Seller Central. If you need information about return labels instead of shipping labels, see Manage returns.

The following browsers are supported and are required to print shipping labels successfully through Buy Shipping:

  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (ESR 38 and above)
  • Internet Explorer 11, latest version
  • Safari (latest, versions 5.1, 6, and 7 as of May 2014)

Buy shipping

On the Manage Orders page, you can buy shipping either from the list view or from the order details.

From your seller account, go to Orders > Manage Orders , and then click the Buy shipping button for the order you want to ship. You can also access the Buy shipping button from the Order details page by clicking the order number.

The Buy Shipping process is on the order details page:

  1. The first row asks for the Ship from location, Ship date, and label print orientation.
  2. Below this row, enter the package dimensions of the outer-most shipping container, and weigh the package with all packing materials included. When you ship an item for the first time, we store the package size and weight. The next time you ship the item, the size and weight will automatically pre-populate.
    Note: Sometimes our systems will associate a higher weight with a product than the weight you provide for that product. If this happens, you will see a warning about the weight you entered for a package. Confirm that the weight you entered is correct before proceeding. To learn how to submit product information corrections, see There is a mistake on a product detail page. How can I correct it?
  3. Next, select a shipping service, any optional services, and the label print orientation (if offered). If you've configured your Buy Shipping preferences ahead of time, your shipping services and optional services will be automatically selected according to the available services, your preferences, and the lowest available cost. If the shipping service you have chosen offers the option to change label print orientation, you can change this on the top row. This setting will be automatically stored and pre-populated for shipping services that offer this option. You can enter or update your Buy Shipping preferences by clicking the link at the bottom of the Buy Shipping page.
    Note: To view all available shipping services, on the Buy Shipping page, click the See all options link. The options will differ depending on the carrier.
  4. If there are any additional inputs needed for the shipment, this information will be shown below the service selection area. Once all the information is provided select Buy Shipping to print your shipping label.

Buy Shipping FAQ

Why don’t I see any shipping services available?

Buy Shipping currently offers domestic carriers in Germany and the United Kingdom in EU. In France, Spain and Italy, Buy Shipping currently only offers carriers for shipping from China. Please review the Buy Shipping from China page for China carrier coverage.

Why can’t I buy shipping labels in bulk?

The bulk Buy Shipping functionality on the Manage Orders page is currently only available for domestic shipments. International shipments, including shipments from China, must use Buy Shipping on the order details page.

Packages with multiple parts

Buy Shipping does not support the use of different packages for separate parts of one product. It is not possible to buy separate shipping with different labels and tracking numbers for individual parts or pieces of one product listing.

To buy shipping for separate products in one order (individual line items, not multiple parts of one product), buy delivery for the first item by including the quantity of each item in the package and then return to the Order Detail page to buy shipping for the next item. You can repeat this process for other items as needed.

For more information about how to buy shipping, see Buy Shipping.

For more information about return labels instead of delivery labels, see Manage Returns.

Invoicing and Chargebacks

The payment for the shipping services depends on the carrier selected. Please refer to the individual carrier pages for details on payments.

Print labels

When you click Buy shipping, you will then be able to print your shipping label. Click Print label to print your purchased shipping label. If you make a mistake or need to reprint the same label, see Reprint a shipping label.

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