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Improve ASIN detail pages

High-quality listings help improve the customer experience by making it easier for buyers on Amazon to find, evaluate, and possibly purchase your products. There are three important things you can do to make your products more attractive to buyers:

  • Improve the quality of your listings
  • Report violations to Amazon
  • Observe our image submission guidelines

Improve the quality of your listings

High-quality listings begin with basic information: images, brands, and descriptions. Find out how Alexander Durz reduced product returns from customers and increased his sales by improving his listing data.

To get started, you can use the Improve Listing Quality tool in Manage Inventory to find listings with missing, invalid, or poor quality information. See our Listing Quality Help page for instructions on using this tool.

For a list of category-specific details that should be provided for your products (such as size, manufacturer part number, and material type), see Enhance your listings.

ASIN authority

If you find that data that you send to Amazon for an ASIN never appears on the corresponding product detail page, this may be due to ASIN authority. When several sellers contribute product information for an existing product in our catalog, an automated process determines what information will be shown on the detail page. Various factors are taken into account, including sales volume, refund rate, buyer feedback, and A-to-z Guarantee claims. This process is regularly repeated and product information is updated automatically by the system. For more information, see Detail Page Control.

Report a violation

Amazon encourages sellers to report listings that violate our policies or applicable law. You can report a violation to Seller Support using our Contact Us form.

  1. Under What is the problem? on the left-hand side of the page, select Report a violation, then click Report a listing violation.
  2. Fill in the form that appears. Make sure you include all relevant information so that we can conduct a thorough investigation. Examples of rule violations include use of any of the following:
    • Seller information or name in a product description;
    • Seller name in a brand instead of the actual brand name or "Generic"
    • Seller logo on a product image

Image submission guidelines

Sellers on our Professional selling plan have the option of adding up to eight images to a product they are selling on Amazon.

Images are intended to represent the product in its most general aspect, and not characteristics that are particular to your item. For instance, if you're selling a used child's CD player and the product is covered with personal markings, a photograph of this product would not be appropriate.

The use of copyrighted images of other individuals or companies on our product detail pages is not permitted on Amazon. For most products, we recommend that you photograph your product and submit it as the product image.

You will find a comprehensive list of all Amazon's image standards specific to your product category in the corresponding style guide.

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