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Buyer-Seller Message templates

As a seller, you probably have a handful of messages that you frequently send to buyers. Rather than rewrite the same message each time, you can create templates for the most common messages that you send to buyers.

The response template feature is part of Buyer-Seller Messages, which you can also access by clicking the Messages link in the top right corner of Seller Central. To send a new message to a buyer, you can use the options available on the Contact Buyer page.

Create a template

  1. Go to Manage E-Mail Templates.
  2. Click the Create Template button.
  3. Enter a name for your template in the Template Name field and fill in the template's email content in the Template Text field.
  4. Create or select tags to apply to this template. This is optional, but tags will categorize your template and make it easier to find later.
  5. Click Save to finish.

To use a template:

  1. Go to your Buyer-Seller Messages page.
  2. Locate the message you want to respond to, and click the Select Template dropdown located above the Reply box.
  3. Select a template from the list that pops up. The template text will appear in the Reply box. You still have the option to personalize the message before sending it.
  4. Click Send.

Edit or delete a template

  1. Go to Manage E-Mail Templates.
  2. Click Edit or Delete next to the template you want to change.
  3. When editing a template, be sure to click Save when you've completed your revisions.
  4. When deleting a template, click Delete and then confirm the deletion when prompted "Are you sure you want to delete this template?".

Buyer-Seller Message templates

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