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How to Set Replenishment Alerts on the Manage Inventory Page

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This page describes how to set Replenishment Alerts for your inventory on the Manage Inventory page.

Replenishment Alerts enable you to manage your inventory in Amazon's fulfilment centres without needing to constantly monitor each listing. You can set the alert quantity for individual items or for groups of items. When the listing's fulfillable quantity reaches your threshold, either in units or weeks-of-cover (the number of weeks of on-hand fulfillable inventory based on your sales over the last 30 days), we notify you by sending you a Replenishment Alert e-mail.

Tips for Setting Replenishment Alerts

When you select an alert quantity for a given product, select a quantity based on your average sales and the estimated time it takes to order and ship stock to a fulfilment centre. For example, if it takes you two weeks to order and ship a product until it is received and ready for sale on, and you sell about 100 units of that product in a week, you might consider setting the alert quantity to at least 300 units. When your fulfillable inventory for that product reaches 300 units in our fulfilment centres, we will notify you. This will give you three weeks to place an order with your vendors and send in a shipment to our fulfilment centres before your inventory is depleted.

Similarly, if you a select a weeks-of-cover threshold for your alerts, you should select the number of weeks that it takes you to order and ship stock for that product to Amazon fulfilment centres until it is received and ready for sale on

Setting Replenishment Alerts

  1. To set alerts, go to the Inventory link at the top of the Seller Central page and choose Manage Inventory.
  2. Select the listings for which you want to set Replenishment Alerts.
  3. From the Actions pull-down menu, select Set Replenishment Alerts.
  4. From the Set Inventory Replenishment Alerts page, enter the threshold in the Alert Threshold field. You can set each product's threshold separately choosing either "when Weeks-of-Cover reaches (weeks)" or "when fulfillable quantity reaches (units)"and inputting a numeric value in the cell.

Identifying Replenishment Alerts

If one of your listings on the Manage Inventory page has a Replenishment Alert, a gold bell will appear in the Available column. If the inventory has reached the Replenishment Alert quantity, the bell will turn red.

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