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Prep and Label Defaults

Who preps?

If you do not want to perform product prep yourself, Amazon can perform the prep for you for a per-unit fee. To have Amazon prep your products, you must first enable the FBA Prep Service in your FBA settings. For products we prep for you, we will provide an estimated fee based on the activities listed in Prep Guidance or the Prep Category you assign to the product when you create your Shipping Plan. The actual fees charged will be based on the prep activity that we provide for each unit as determined by Amazon.

To have Amazon prep your products by default, select Amazon in the Who preps? section of your FBA Settings page. If you select Merchant as your default, you will be responsible for preparing your products yourself. It is your responsibility to determine the appropriate packaging necessary to ship your products safely to Amazon.

For some products, the Prep Category may not be identified, and Prep Guidance may not be available; however, product preparation may still be required for these products. These products will be displayed under the Prep may be required tab in the shipment creation workflow. When preparing a product, please review our Packaging and Prep Requirements to determine if your products require product prep and follow any general product preparation requirements.

Please note that changing this setting does not affect previously created shipments.

Who labels?

To have Amazon label your products, you must first enable the FBA Label Service in your account settings. Amazon can only label your units if they have a scannable barcode (ISBN, UPC, EAN, or JAN). If they do not have a scannable barcode, you will need to label the units yourself.

Labeling fees will apply to all units that Amazon labels.

If you choose Merchant in theWho labels? section of your FBA settings page, you will be responsible for labeling all products that require labels. When labeling your products, please see the Labeled Inventory help page to learn the process correctly.

Prep and label preferences on individual products

The preferences you choose on your FBA settings page are used as defaults for products that you have not previously chosen a prep or label preference for during the creation of previous shipments. You can change preferences for individual products any time you create a shipment and we will retain those preferences for future shipments.

Note: Amazon can only prepare and label products for which a UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN appears on the product itself.
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