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This article applies to selling in: France

Pet Food products on Fulfilment by Amazon

Selling Pet Food Products on

 Sellers are solely responsible for the quality, the conformity and the safety of their products. They should notably:

  • Have a staff who is familiar with pet food product compliance, such as pet food labelling, composition, quality and safety requirements
  • Have management and monitoring procedures to ensure the quality, conformity and safety of their products and to deal with non-compliant and/or dangerous products (e.g., risk analysis, blocking/hold procedures, etc.)
  • Be able to trace their products at the batch level
  • Immediately inform Amazon concerning any issues with the products that may create a safety risk for animals or consumers or may have a direct adverse effect on the environment or animal welfare
  • Communicate immediately to the competent authorities and Amazon any information about the quality, conformity or safety of their products either in case of safety issues or upon request from any of them
  • Have accomplished all legal formalities required to sell pet food products in the countries they are intended to be sold.

FBA Product Restrictions

  • FBA is only open for pet food products that fall under the categories or within the list of products in the “Pets” category. These products are humid food (pate), dried (croquettes, biscuit, treats) and semi-dried (dog sausages), Fleas pills, nutrition supplements, cat/dog menstrual pillsellers are solely responsible to ensure that items comply with EU and French general and specific pet food labelling, composition and safety requirements (including formalities) and in particular (non limitative list).
  • Product must be sound, genuine and of merchantable quality and therefore when correctly used do not represent any danger to human health, animal health or to the environment
  • Products must be free from any material, component, substance, feed additive or processing aid, etc. having pharmaceutical or immunological properties
  • Products must not contain any material, component, substance, feed additive or processing aid, etc. which is not authorized or  does not comply with the restrictions and/or limitations determined by the legislation
  • All products must be labelled in French. Labels must be compliant with EU and French requirements and must be free from any information, claim, picture, sign, representation, symbol or drawing, etc. which could make the consumer believe that the products can prevent, treat or cure animal disease
  • Products must comply with authorization, declaration, notification, etc. formalities if any
  • Products must have been manufactured in the EU or in the US.
  • Temperature-sensitive products must be able to withstand a minimum temperature of 10°C and a maximum temperature of 30°C for the duration of the product’s shelf life without adversely affecting product quality. Carton markings must not include storage temperature requirements unless expressed explicitly as a range from 10°C to 30°C. During transport the products are exposed to normal outdoor temperatures.
  • Expiry dated products are allowed in FBA so long as the perishable food and beverage items have a minimum remaining shelf life at the point of receipt into the fulfilment centre (ORY1) of 90 days. Units that are within 45 days of the expiration date will not be sellable on . All expired products must be removed. Failure to do so may result in the destruction of products without compensation. Please note it can take up to 3 weeks for the removal process to complete. Please see the rate card for removal charges.
  • All expiry dates must be the same across a single SKU reference in the same FBA inbound shipment.
  • All products containing alcohol are prohibited from FBA.

Preparing Pet Food Products

Before you send in any perishable items with an expiration date to an Amazon fulfilment centre you must use the “Pet Supplies” Inventory File Template and set up the following attributes:

  • “contains_food_or_beverage” set to “True”
  • “is_expiration_dated_product” set to “True”
  • “customer_return_policy” set to “non-returnable”

Seller of pet food products must:

  • Label each individual unit with a FBA label*
  • Put the FBA labels on top of the original barcode
  • Ensure the expiry date is not covered (In case the expiry date is covered, print the expiry date and put in on the product)
  • Ensure that the expiry date is readable on the carton or packaging for bundles/sets and hampers

*Please note that sellers can opt for a labelling service where Amazon labels your items for you for the price of 0.15€ per label.

Packaging Requirements

There are specific requirements for sellers sending liquids and glass items.

Once your units are packaged and labelled, sellers must add outer box FBA shipment labels on the box as with any regular FBA Shipments and packages must be clearly marked as “pet food”.

Organic Certification

Sellers sending organic products in FBA must comply with the EU and French requirements applicable to organic pet food.  Notably, they should own a valid, up-to-date organic certification in accordance with EU Regulation 834/2007 and must also comply with the following product listing Amazons’ guidelines:

  • The item name attribute (in the “Inventory File” Template or in the “Add a Product” Tool) must include the word “bio”
  • The “specialty” attribute must be set to “Bio”.
  • The “external_testing_certification” attribute must be set to “Biologique, tel que défini dans la Directive UE 834/2007 ”

If you intend to sell organic pet food products on FBA, you must ensure that they are already sold within EU. You must not send to Amazon Fulfillment Center in Europe organic pet food products that have not been introduced previously within the EU. All shipments of organic products to an Amazon warehouse must be sent from an EU country.

Customer Return Policy

To avoid any health and safety risks we will not ask customers to return any nutrition products notwithstanding the reason for the return. Nonetheless, you are required to provide refunds and adjustments that you are obligated to provide under the applicable Amazon Refund Policies and as required by Law for items a customer registers for a return. We will reimburse you the Replacement Value of any such units if the reason for the intended return was one for which Amazon takes responsibility. You will not be reimbursed for any other units that customer registers for a return.

Delivery Notes

  • Pet Food can only be delivered to our distribution centre located in Saran (ORY1).
  • Deliveries containing pet food must be clearly marked as “Pet food” on the outer packaging.
  • Pet Food and human food and/or non-food items may not be delivered together on a pallet.
  • Product temperature at delivery cannot exceed 30 degrees.
  • Single-use deposit containers are not allowed. In the case of reusable containers please note that we cannot process deposit and accordingly do not display it on the detail page either.

Receipt of goods may be refused in the following cases:

  • Leaking liquid or other leaking substance
  • Visible damage on the packaging
  • Damaged seal
  • Bad or foul smell
  • Signs of pest or insect infestation
  • Contaminated packaging
  • Non-french labeled products
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