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This article applies to selling in: France

Browse Node Mapping Table for European Stores

Are you selling in more than one European store?

If you are selling in more than one European store, you need to assign browse node IDs to your ASINs for each marketplace. Browse node IDs values will determine where listings appear in the Amazon catalog. If this information is missing or is incorrect, buyers may have difficulty finding, comparing and purchasing your listings. This could affect your sales on Amazon. The Browse Node Mapping Table will help you to identify the right browse node in each European store.

Download the European Browse Node Mapping Table

How to use the European Browse Node Mapping Table

Find the browse node for your ASIN in your local Browse Tree Guide (BTG) and use it to find the equivalent node for other European stores in the browse node mapping table.

  1. Identify the browse node IDs for your products in your local marketplace. You can use:
  2. Find the corresponding browse node IDs in the other locales using the European browse node mapping table below.
  3. Add the browse node IDs provided by the mapping table to your Amazon listings.

Example: You are selling on You want to sell the following two products on and

  • Node ID 2429511031 is the node id for Auto and Motorcycle/Motorcycles, Accessories & Parts/Fuel Supply/Tanks
  • Node ID 323708011 is the node id for Electronics/Supplies and Accessories/Image and Audio Accessories/Cables/HDMI Cables

Use the European browse mapping table to find the corresponding node IDs in and

  • Node ID 2429511031 on corresponds to node ID 82799031 on and node ID 2491835031 on
  • Node ID 323708011 on corresponds to node ID 316968011 on and node ID 418466031 on

Node root Node ID Node Path Node ID in UK Node ID in DE Node ID in IT Node ID in ES
Apparel on 465056031 /Categories/Baby/Baby Boys 0-24m/Hoodies & Tracksuits/Track Jackets 1730650031 1981019031 1806435031 2949304031
Auto and Motorcycle on 2429511031 /Products/Motorbikes, Accessories & Parts/Fuel Supply/Tanks 2491835031 82799031 2420975031 2425183031
Baby and Nursery on 3966250031 /Categories/Nursery/Bedding/Bassinet & Cradle Bedding/Mattress Protection 1840498031 3969015031 1806625031 1909529031
Electronics on 323708011 /Categories/Computers & Accessories/Accessories/Cables/HDMI Cables 418466031 316968011 473317031 934068031

Use the browse node IDs you found using the European Browse node mapping table in your inventory fields and upload your products on the other European Amazon stores.

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