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This article applies to selling in: France

Pan-European FBA Program Policy

Note: The version of these terms and conditions in English is the definitive legal version. Translations into other languages are available for your ease of reference only.

Your participation in the Pan-European FBA Program (“Pan-European FBA”) is subject to this program policy (“Policy”), the terms of the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement (the “BSA”), including Amazon’s International Seller Rules and Amazon’s program policies. Initially capitalized terms not defined in this Policy have the meanings given in the BSA.

Pan-European FBA services

Pan-European FBA helps you to sell across Amazon’s European marketplaces by enabling placement of your inventory closer to customers. You send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center in Europe. We then allocate your inventory for storage across our European fulfillment network in those countries that you have enabled for inventory placement, in order to meet the anticipated future demand of customers.

For more information, see Pan-European FBA: How it Works.

To enable countries for inventory placement under Pan-European FBA, see the Pan-European FBA Inventory page in your selling on Amazon account.

Placement and storage of your FBA inventory

By enabling countries for inventory placement, you authorize Amazon to allocate and store any of your FBA inventory in any or all of those countries (“Placement Enabled Countries”). You authorize Amazon to move or trans-ship this inventory across our network of European fulfillment centers in Placement Enabled Countries, at no additional cost to you. Pan-European FBA allows you the flexibility to enable inventory placement in less than all countries available for placement, provided that you maintain an active FBA offer for the product in all Amazon European marketplaces listed as required on the Pan-European FBA Inventory page.

You authorize Amazon to store your inventory in any country for which you provide a valid VAT number in your selling on Amazon account, and these countries will automatically be treated as Placement Enabled Countries for the purposes of Pan-European FBA (unless you deselect that country for inventory placement). The VAT number that you provide in your selling on Amazon account must be listed in the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) of the European Commission and meet the applicable conditions described in the VAT Agreement, in order to be considered valid for purposes of this Policy.

If you select the option to store your inventory in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, you authorize Amazon to allocate and store your German Inventory in any of Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. “German Inventory” means products that you designate at inbound for storage in Germany or that are placed by Amazon in an Amazon fulfillment center in Germany, Poland, or the Czech Republic according to FBA policy. Products stored in our fulfillment centers in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic are considered one single pool of inventory within the German fulfillment network (“German Inventory Pool”) until fulfilled or removed, even if you later deselect this option in your FBA settings.

By authorizing inventory placement in a particular country, you acknowledge and confirm there are no legal restrictions of any kind that prohibit storing your products in the selected country.

ASIN eligibility and enrollment

Eligible for enrollment into Pan-European FBA are only ASINs that are both, (i) listed as eligible for Pan-European FBA on the Pan-European FBA Inventory page; and (ii) for which you created an active FBA offer in all the Amazon European marketplaces shown as required on the ‘Pan-European FBA Inventory’ page, and with each of these offers being linked to the same inventory (“Pan-European Eligible ASIN”).

Note: If a product does not exist in a certain marketplace or has buyability taken down (example: if new local restrictions are put into place), you will not be required to list that product in that marketplace in order to qualify for Pan-European FBA. However, if the listing is created by another seller or the automatic listing creation, products will no longer be available for Pan-European FBA until you list in all marketplaces where that ASIN exists.

A Pan-European Eligible ASIN must be in status “enrolled” in this program in order to be activated for the purposes of receiving Pan-European FBA benefits (“Pan-European FBA Offer”). Products linked to a Pan-European FBA Offer are considered one single pool of inventory notwithstanding where they are stored (“Pan-European FBA Inventory Pool”).

ASIN eligibility only confirms that the product can be delivered using Amazon’s European Fulfillment Network. This may change from time to time. It does not validate that your product complies with any laws applicable to its offer, sale, transportation, and/or storage. You are solely responsible for and must ensure that your products comply with all applicable laws at all times.


  • We will charge you the local Fulfillment Fee (instead of the cross-border Fulfillment Fee applicable to EFN) for the fulfillment of a Pan-European FBA Offer on a marketplace corresponding to a Placement-Enabled Country.
  • We will charge you the cross-border Fulfillment Fee applicable to EFN for remote fulfillment of a customer’s order on a marketplace corresponding to a country that you have not enabled for inventory placement.
  • For removals (return of inventory to you) from the Pan-European FBA European Inventory Pool ordered to an address in the country of your home marketplace, we will charge local removal fees applicable to your home marketplace notwithstanding where the inventory is located at the time of the removal order.
  • For more information regarding the Fulfillment Fees applicable to your German Inventory Pool, see the Central Europe Program page.

To learn more about the Pan-European FBA fees that apply to you, see our FBA pricing page. Except as expressly modified by this Policy, Fulfillment by Amazon and Selling on Amazon fees apply.

ASINs without active offers on all applicable Amazon European marketplaces

ASINs for which you do not maintain an active FBA offer in all the Amazon European marketplaces listed as required on the Pan-European FBA Inventory page in your selling on Amazon account will not qualify as a Pan-European Eligible ASIN.

Nonetheless, by enabling inventory placement in additional countries (beyond your home marketplace) in your FBA settings or by selecting an additional country in the shipping workflow for these ASINs, you can ship your inventory to and you authorize Amazon to store it in fulfillment centers in the countries you select, (this option was previously known as ‘Multi-Country Inventory’ or ‘MCI’). For these ASINs, local Fulfillment Fees will apply only when the enrollment of an ASIN into a customer’s order is actually fulfilled from your locally stored inventory. Cross-border Fulfillment Fees for EFN will apply when a customer’s order is fulfilled remotely. Because these ASINs are not part of Pan-European FBA, you need to manage your inventory and demand forecasting yourself. To avoid unplanned fees, we recommend that you maintain your inventory levels in each country and replenish frequently. To view stock levels on a per-country basis, use the Daily inventory report.

Disabling inventory placement and changes in eligibility

You can disable inventory placement in a country by modifying your FBA settings in Seller Central, subject to the following limitations. You will not be able to deselect a country for inventory placement for up to 30 days after the country has been enabled for placement (this restriction is to allow time for inventory processing). Additionally, the option to disable inventory placement in a country where your inventory is enabled for placement is unavailable during the period from October 1 through December 31 each year (this restriction allows us to preserve fulfillment network stability so that we can meet the increase in demand during peak season). During the periods described above, Amazon may continue to place or move items in your Pan-European FBA European Inventory Pool into fulfillment centers located in these countries. You may return to the Pan-European FBA Inventory page after these periods expire to deselect a country for inventory placement.

When you deselect certain countries for inventory placement, all remaining units stored in a country that you deselect will continue to be part of your Pan-European FBA Inventory Pool (and, if applicable, German Inventory Pool), until you have sold or removed all units in that country. Standard local FBA fees will continue to apply. We will not offer trans-shipment to another European country's fulfillment center. We will discontinue to store inventory in a deselected country once you have sold or removed all remaining inventory from that country. Note that inventory may temporarily reside in countries where you have not enabled inventory placement, in preparation for trans-shipment to a Placement Enabled Country. You no longer can ship your inventory to any country that you deselect for inventory placement (unless you subsequently re-enable that country).

If a product’s status as a Pan-European FBA Eligible ASIN ends (for example, if you remove an offer in the requisite marketplaces), it will discontinue to be part of your Pan-European FBA Inventory Pool. It will be automatically assigned to your local inventory pool in the country where it is stored at that time (“Local Placement Country”). For future fulfillment or removal of that inventory, it is deemed that you have inbounded the unit into the Local Placement Country. You may choose to fulfill or remove these products, and we will apply Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon fees, including where applicable EFN and Cross-Border Removal fees of the local rate card applicable to inventory stored in the Local Placement Country. We will not offer inventory trans-shipment to a fulfillment center in a different country.

Important notice regarding Pan-European FBA

Storing products in an additional country to your home marketplace country will trigger additional VAT registration and reporting obligations for your business (as well as other reporting requirements such as Intrastat). You will be responsible for the collection and payment of your taxes together with the filing of all relevant returns and issuing VAT invoices/credit notes where required. To learn more about VAT, see Europe Tax and Regulatory Considerations. For information about VAT registration and filing solutions through Seller Central, see VAT Services on Amazon. To get more information regarding external tax advisors, see the Service Provider Network page. Amazon reserves the right to require you to provide evidence of tax compliance in certain countries (for example: a tax registration number and tax certificate as applicable) before placing inventory in those countries. Please note that we will share information about your transactions and units where obligated, for example if justifiably requested by governmental entities or regulatory authorities that have jurisdiction over Amazon.

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