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Do I need to book an appointment with the fulfilment centre?

Scheduling a delivery appointment with the fulfilment centre is mandatory for:

  • Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipments
  • Small-Parcel (SPD) shipments shipped by a carrier other than our recommended carriers
    Note: Recommended carriers are currently available only for and

Please note that your shipment can be rejected at the fulfilment centre in the absence of a valid delivery appointment scheduled via the booking process detailed below.

How to book a Delivery Appointment for Less-Than-Truckload Deliveries

Note: We strongly recommend that it is your carrier and not you who books the delivery appointment. This is to avoid any confusions and mismatch in information provided to the fulfilment centre.

Less than Truckload Delivery bookings are made via our Carrier Appointment Request Portal (CARP). Please ask you carrier to create a CARP account and book a delivery appointment with the fulfilment centre via CARP. The fulfilment centre will respond to your carrier within 24 hours to determine the best delivery time. The carrier can also request changes to the appointment via CARP. Please provide the CARP Manual to your carrier to understand how to use the CARP portal.

If for any reason your carrier cannot make an appointment on your behalf, please create a CARP account yourself and book a delivery appointment for your shipment following the instructions in the CARP Manual.

Important: Sending the FBA Booking Form directly to the fulfilment centre will no longer be accepted for scheduling LTL delivery appointments.

Your carrier will need the following information to book a delivery appointment for your shipment. Please provide your carrier with the following information as it appears in Seller Central. To do so, download the FBA Booking Form, fill it out, and send it to your carrier.

Required shipment information:

  • Destination fulfilment centre
  • Requested delivery date and time
  • Shipment type: “Palletised”
  • List of FBA shipment IDs
  • PO ID or Amazon Reference ID (you can locate it in your Shipping Queue in Seller Central, by clicking the shipment name)
  • Seller Name
  • Seller ID (this should always be “FBA”)
  • Number of pallets
  • Number of cartons
  • Number of units

If your carrier has any issues with the booking, they can contact the CARP support service via the contact link in the CARP portal.

  • No delivery appointment has been booked in advance
  • Incorrect type of vehicle that does not allow Amazon to unload the freight from the rear. For example, the vehicle does not allow access to a propelled pallet truck (PPT) from the dock. The most common type of a PPT at an Amazon fulfilment centre is a forklift.
  • Early or late delivery
  • Pallets cannot be accessed from the dock. For example, the fulfilment centre staff cannot access the pallet due to other inventory on the carrier truck blocking the access
  • Unsafe vehicle or pallet
  • Damaged freight or freight that has been tampered with
  • No delivery paperwork to document contents delivered such as Bill of Lading (BOL) or Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR Convention) documents.

How to book a Delivery Appointment for Small-Parcel Deliveries

To schedule a delivery appointment for a small parcel shipment not shipped with one of our recommended carriers, download the FBA Booking Form, fill it out with the information about your shipment, and send it to your carrier. The carrier must use the Carrier Appointment Request Portal (CARP) to book a delivery appointment.

Recommended Carriers

Please see below a list of carriers that you can use for sending loose carton deliveries under half a pallet to an Amazon fulfilment centre without booking a delivery appointment. Recommended carriers are available for and only.

Transporteur Saran








Chronopost Yes Yes Yes Yes
La Poste Yes Yes Yes Yes
DHL Express Yes Yes Yes Yes
GLS Yes Yes Yes Yes
UPS Yes Yes Yes Yes
TNT Express Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fedex Yes Yes Yes Yes
Note: “Yes” means that a standing appointment already exists, so there is no need to further book a delivery appointment via CARP. A blank cell means that the carrier will have to make an appointment via CARP with that specific fulfilment centre.
Important: All carriers must provide evidence that goods were handed over to the designated Amazon fulfilment centre. Proof is provided by a time stamp for drop-off at Amazon premises and the signature or name of an Amazon employee.
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