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This article applies to selling in: France

Managing your Pan-European FBA Inventory

The Pan-European FBA Inventory page displays Pan-European FBA enrolment information about your Fulfilment by Amazon products, as well as offer status, price, and inventory units across all Amazon European marketplaces. You can enrol eligible products directly from this page.

Enrolment template

Download a report on eligible ASINs and enrol them in the Pan-European FBA programme using the enrolment template.

Table 1. Field definitions:
Header Description Example
Image Image in the listing in your home marketplace

Product name Title on the listing in your home marketplace Stylish hat for dogs
SKU / FNSKU SKU: This is your specific product identifier. Enrolling one Merchant SKU for an ASIN will enrol all Merchant SKUs for the ASIN that shares the same inventory pool. FNSKU: Fulfilment network SKU for the listing 0452011876 / X000B00I3LTQ9O
Active offers The number of Amazon European marketplaces for which an active offer is available. 1
Price Price for offer on Amazon marketplace.
Note: Changing the price on this page will disable your Build International Listings connection.
Learn more about Build International Listings.
19.95 €
Available Number of units in available inventory in Europe. 100
Fulfilment method Identifies if the offer is self-fulfilled or Fulfilled by Amazon Self-fulfilled
Pan-European FBA status Identifies the current Pan-European FBA status:
  • Ineligible: The ASIN cannot be enrolled. For more information, please see the Pan-European FBA product eligibility help page.
  • Eligible: The ASIN may be eligible to be enrolled in Pan-European FBA. ASIN eligibility only confirms that the product can be shipped using Amazon’s European fulfilment network. This status does not validate that your product complies with any laws applicable to its offer, sale, transportation, or storage. You are solely responsible for and must ensure that your products comply with all applicable laws at all times.
  • Enrolled: The FNSKU is enrolled in Pan-European FBA.
  • Enrolment ending soon: The enrolled FNSKU has inactive offers in one or more Amazon European marketplaces. If you do not create the necessary active offers for this product within 14 days of the offer becoming inactive, the product's Pan-European FBA enrolment will end.
  • Enrolment ended: The FNSKU is no longer enrolled because it had inactive offers on one or more marketplaces for more than 14 days. The status will change to Enrolled as soon as the eligible ASIN has active offers in all five Amazon European marketplaces.
  • ASIN does not exist: The ASIN does not exist in one or more marketplaces. Create a listing for this ASIN in all European marketplaces listed as required to change this status.
    Note: If a product does not exist in a certain marketplace or has buyability taken down (Example: if new local restrictions are put into place), you will not be required to list that product in that country in order to do PAN European FBA. However if the listing is created by another seller or the automatic listing creation, products will no longer be available for PAN European FBA until you list in all marketplaces where that ASIN exists.
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