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Error 8007

We could not locate the Parent SKU: [!{uniqueID}] in your inventory. Please check the Parent SKU to ensure it exists in your inventory. If the Parent SKU: [!{uniqueID}] was included during upload, please check for other errors that may have prevented its creation.

This error occurs when the parent SKU you reference has not been set up properly as a parent. Common reasons include the following:

  • You used the wrong SKU for the parent SKU.
  • You used the right SKU, but you did not designate that SKU as a parent when it was created.
  • You used the right SKU, but other errors prevented the parent SKU from being set up properly.
  • You entered a value in the parent-sku column for an item that is itself a parent SKU. (A parent SKU cannot also be the child of a parent SKU.)

To resolve this error using tab-delimited inventory files:

  1. Ensure you provide the correct SKU in the ParentSKU column of your inventory file.
  2. Locate the line for your parent SKU and ensure it contains the value "parent" in the parent-sku or Parentage column.
  3. Check previous error reports for errors relating to the parent SKU and correct any errors as necessary.
  4. Resubmit your inventory file.

Note: If you received this error after uploading a tab-delimited inventory file, your processing report will reference the incorrect parent SKU in the SKU column. You should refer instead to the original-record-number which indicates the line on which the error occurred. The original-record-number is usually two less than the row number in Excel.

To resolve this error using XML feeds:

  1. Check your relationship feed to ensure that the ParentSKU value is correct.
  2. If not, correct the value and post an updated relationship feed. This should fix the problem.
  3. If the ParentSKU value is correct, locate the most recent product data feed including the parent SKU.
  4. Ensure the parent SKU has a Parentage value of "parent"
  5. Check previous error reports for product data feed errors relating to the parent SKU and correct any errors.
  6. Publish your updated product data for the parent SKU using a product data feed.
  7. Publish your relationship feed.

For more information on how to create a Parent-Child relationship correctly, see Create Parent-Child Variation Relationships.

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