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Invoice by Amazon SKU Management file

All eligible SKUs in your inventory are opted into the Invoice by Amazon program upon enrollment by default. The Invoice by Amazon SKU Management file allows you to opt out specific SKUs in your inventory from the Invoice by Amazon program. Additionally, you can also use this file to opt back in SKUs that were opted out of the program previously. The file is not marketplace-specific and will opt-out/opt-in SKUs across all marketplaces in which Invoice by Amazon program is supported (currently UK, DE, FR, IT, and ES)

You can download the latest version of the file from the Inventory File Templates Help page.

Required fields

The uploaded file must be populated with the SKU field and the isIBA field, which indicates whether you want to opt-out our opt-in the SKU.

  • SKU: Stock Keeping Unit is used to track inventory. A SKU can be any alpha-numeric string. Each SKU you submit in your file must be unique to an individual product in your existing listings; do not submit duplicate SKUs. Submit your SKU exactly as it appears in your Amazon inventory listings.
  • isIBA: This a flag denoting whether you want the SKU to be a part of the Invoice by Amazon program. This field should be set accordingly.
    • false: If you want the SKU to be opted out of the Invoice by Amazon program
    • true: If you want the SKU to be opted in to the Invoice by Amazon program


1. Can this template be used to create new listings for the Invoice by Amazon program?

No. The template can only be used for products that are already a part of your inventory.

2. How long will it take for any changes to take effect, that is for the enrollment status of a product to change within Invoice by Amazon?

The total time for changes to take effect depends on the size of your inventory and can range from five minutes to four hours.

3. If the template processing fails, what are all the possible error codes?

Sr. no Error code Error message Description
1 10001 The file uploaded is malformed, check at line number XX. The file uploaded is malformed, the error message will point out the malformed line number.
2 10003 No ASIN found for Merchant XYZ, Marketplace XX and SKU XYZ combination. A SKU that is not present in the Seller’s inventory was found in the uploaded template.
3 10004 Merchant XYZ is not tax-enabled. The merchant is not tax-enabled and therefore ineligible for IBA.
4 10006 Unknown error while processing SKU XYZ. An unknown exception occurred while performing a specific SKU update.
5 10008 Input request has no MarketplaceIds supported by IBA. The seller does not have any active listings or is not launched in any of the five IBA marketplaces – UK, DE, FR, IT and ES.
6 10009 The input feed header does not have required fields. Check the guidelines for feed requests. The seller modified the header section (first 2 rows) of the Excel template that lead to a failure in processing the template.

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