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Error 8023

The data for SKU [%s] conflicts with previously
submitted data.  For more details, see

This error occurs when a product you are creating appears to be identical to another product you have already created. Common reasons why this may be the case include the following: 

  • You did not provide a sufficient amount of product data to distinguish this product (Product B) from another of your products (Product A). 
  • You provided a StandardProductID for this product (Product B) which is already associated with another one of your products (Product A). 
  • You are resubmitting product data under a new SKU for a product which you previously sold on but failed to properly delete.

To resolve this error, you should: 

  1. Compare the StandardProductID value for this product (Product B) with the StandardProductID values previously submitted for other products. 
  2. If you have already submitted data for another product (Product A) with the same StandardProductID as this product (Product B), determine whether Product B is intended to be same as or different than Product A. 
  3. If Product A and Product B are the same product, you cannot sell the same product under two different SKUs.  To stick with Product A, simply stop submitting data for Product B. To proceed with product B, delete Product A and resubmit your data for Product B. 
  4. If Product A and Product B are different products, modify the StandardProductID for one of the products and augment your product data to provide additional distinguishing information.

This error can be very difficult to troubleshoot if you have not saved your previous product data submissions. If you are unable to solve this error with the troubleshooting steps above, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page for technical support.

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