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Sales success using business reports

The Sales and Traffic Time reports in Business Reports contain important types of information that can help you increase your sales on Amazon: traffic, Featured Offer percentage, and conversion.


Traffic measures which products customers are discovering most frequently. Products with higher session and page view numbers are being found most frequently. For details on increasing traffic to your products, go to Increasing Sales.

Featured Offer percentage

This percentage indicates how frequently your offer is featured when a customer views the detail page. Sellers who win the Featured Offer have a greater chance of gaining the sale. For more information, go to How the Featured Offer works.


Conversion measures how effective you are at convincing a customer to add your product to their shopping cart. To increase conversion, you need to think like a customer. Provide all the information they need to make a purchase decision:

  • Provide complete product content: Thorough and descriptive product content gives customers enough information to make a decision. For more information, go to Improve product details.
  • Use promotions: Promotions are incentives to customers. Leverage promotions like "Free Shipping" to increase conversion. For more information, go to Promotions.
  • Provide high quality images: Pictures sell products. Provide an image for every product. For more information, go to Prepare Product Images.
  • Encourage product reviews: Customer product reviews can drive conversion because customers value the opinion of other customers. When you request customer feedback, you can include a request for product reviews.

How can the Detail Page Traffic report help increase my sales?

The Detail Page Sales Traffic Time Series report contains three important types of information that you can use to increase your sales:

  • Traffic: Traffic indicates which products are being discovered most often by shoppers. Products with higher sessions and page views are being found most frequently. For details on increasing sales, see How do I increase traffic to my products?
  • Featured Offer percentage: If multiple merchants are selling a particular product, Featured Offer percentage indicates how often your offer is featured when a shopper views the detail page. Merchants who win the Featured Offer have a greater chance of gaining the sale. For details on increasing your Featured Offer win percentage, see How do I win a higher Featured Offer percentage?
  • Conversion: Conversion is a good measure of how often users actually purchase the product that they view. You can increase sales by increasing conversion. Start first with products that have a lower conversion rate than others. For details on driving conversion, see How do I increase conversion?

How do I win a higher Featured Offer percentage?

In some categories, eligible merchants can win the Featured Offer, that is, have their offering featured on the product detail page. uses a variety of factors to determine who wins the Featured Offer, such as price and product availability. For more information, go to How the Featured Offer works.

If you are an eligible merchant, you can increase the chances of winning the Featured Offer using the following guidelines.


  • Competitively price your offering: You can see the List Price on the product detail page, and also see what other merchants are charging for the same product. Lower your price for the product to match or beat the competition.
  • Create a sale: Give your offering a special sales price.
  • Lower the shipping cost: Shoppers look at shipping cost as part of the total cost when making a buying decision. If you lower your product price, do not increase shipping costs to cover the difference. On the Web site, you can compare your own shipping costs to those of competing merchants.


  • Shorten your Lead Time to Ship : On the product detail page, you can see how quickly other merchants fulfill the item. Your fulfillment time should be equal to or faster than the competition's.
  • Keep stock available: If you have no current stock for a product, you cannot win the Featured Offer. Use inventory planning best practices to keep your popular products in stock.

Customer Trust

  • Update your inventory: Customers who submit orders for products that are not in stock are likely to leave negative feedback, especially around the holidays. To ensure you don't accept orders that become stock-outs, keep your inventory updated. If you accept such an order, quickly let your customer know and offer a suitable resolution to the problem.
  • Encourage feedback: Thirty days after an order is placed, sends customers a reminder to leave feedback. You can also include a reminder in your shipping confirmation. Though negative feedback is frustrating, it helps you improve your fulfillment practices and increase customer trust. For more help on this topic, see our full Help guide to Encouraging Customer Feedback.
  • Ship accurately: Customers might leave negative feedback if they receive the wrong item. Build reliable shipping procedures to prevent this. If you have to substitute a product, let the customer know before shipping it.
  • Ship on time: Customers expect to receive their order by the estimated promise date. This is especially important around the holidays. If you are not going to make your promise date, notify your customer right away, even for issues outside of your control (for example, a natural disaster or carrier issue).
  • Communicate with customers: Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than not knowing the status of their order. Respond quickly to customer contacts. Notify customers when an order is shipped or delayed. The more communication with the customer the better. For more information on this topic, go to Customer Communication.
  • Plan vacations: If you are going on vacation, make sure that customers are not left waiting for orders to arrive. For information on vacation management, go to Planning for vacations.

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