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Sales success using business reports

The Sales and Traffic Time reports in Business Reports contain important types of information that can help you increase your sales on Amazon: traffic, Buy Box percentage, and conversion.


Traffic measures which products customers are discovering most frequently. Products with higher session and page view numbers are being found most frequently. For details on increasing traffic to your products, see Increasing Sales.

Buy Box Percentage

This percentage indicates how frequently your offer is featured when a customer views the detail page. Sellers who win the Buy Box have a greater chance of gaining the sale. For more information, see How the Buy Box works.


Conversion measures how effective you are at convincing a customer to add your product to their shopping cart. To increase conversion, you need to think like a customer. Provide all the information they need to make a purchase decision:

  • Provide complete product content: Thorough and descriptive product content gives customers enough information to make a decision. For more information, see Improve product details.
  • Use promotions: Promotions are incentives to customers. Leverage promotions like "Free Shipping" to increase conversion. For more information, see Promotions.
  • Provide high quality images: Pictures sell products. Provide an image for every product. For more information, see Prepare Product Images.
  • Encourage product reviews: Customer product reviews can drive conversion because customers value the opinion of other customers. When you request customer feedback, you can include a request for product reviews.

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