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Temporarily pausing customer orders for non-essential products

Note: Amazon (including our Support Associates) does not have additional information to share right now.

What changes are happening?

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues, customers are choosing e-commerce to support their social distancing efforts. We, too, have implemented social distancing guidance within our fulfillment centers to keep our employees safe and healthy. This combination means we must focus our available capacity on the highest-priority products and, effective today, we will stop taking orders on some products that are non-essential. This applies to Amazon Retail and FBA offers of non-essential products.

We are taking this temporary step for and so our fulfillment center associates can focus on receiving and shipping the products customers need most at this time, such as household staples, medical supplies and other high-demand products.

As customer demand and our fulfillment capacity continue to change, we will adjust the impacted products as appropriate and restore all listings as soon as we can. Products in our Italian and French fulfillment centers that are impacted by this change will not be subject to storage fees.

Am I impacted? What products are "non-essential"?

To see whether your products are impacted, go to Fix stranded inventory.

On Fix stranded inventory the stranded reason will show as "Inventory under review" for impacted products. If the products have an active offer in Germany, the United Kingdom or Spain they may not show as impacted.

Where is this being applied?

This only applies to and

How long will this last?

We will let you know when we resume regular operations.

Are you taking similar steps for Amazon Retail products and offers?


Do I still need to pay storage and deal fees?

No, products in our Italian and French fulfillment centers that are impacted by this change will not be subject to storage and deal fees.

Can I continue to ship products directly to customers (i.e., fulfilled by seller)?


Can I continue to send "non-essential" products to the fulfillment center?

No. See more information at Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers

If my product is in a fulfillment center in Italy or France, but listed in the UK, Germany or Spain, will you still fulfill those customer orders?


I have a product listed in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, and stored in a fulfillment center outside of Italy and France. Will you only remove my listings in Italy and France?

Yes. Your listing may be removed in Italy and France but will remain in the UK, Germany and Spain, and we will use our fulfillment centers outside Italy and France to fulfill those orders.

What happens if my Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score falls because of the reduced demand?

We are working to account for this change in your IPI score and in the storage limits for the next quarter.

We have posted answers to your frequently asked questions about Amazon's policies in response to COVID-19. Click here for more information.

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