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Customize SKU settings

On the Customize SKU settings page, you can adjust your inventory recommendations to help you minimize costs and maximize profitability.

Amazon creates recommendations for managing your FBA inventory, such as how much to send to FBA and when. Recommendations are based on:

  • Current inventory levels
  • Forecasted product demand
  • Information provided by you

Though we track your inventory and offer robust forecasting, it’s important that you customize your recommendations for the specific needs of your business. For example, if your replenishment recommendation uses a default frequency of four weeks but you actually replenish every week, the recommendations will be four times too high. By keeping your information up to date, you help us generate the best possible guidance for your business.

How to use your SKU settings

The top of the Customize SKU settings page provides product information and replenishment recommendations. Below these recommendations are summary details about your product.

Product information

This section includes the product name and identifiers such as ASIN and MSKU. You can also tell us whether the product is replenishable (if No is selected, the product will be hidden on Restock Inventory).

Recommended replenishment quantity

Because not every product has a recommendation at all times, this section will be hidden if there are no current recommendations.

Summary details

This section provides information about the SKU, such as historical sales, inventory levels, and pricing.

Below your product information are three tabs: Alerts, Replenishment, and Economics.


Set inventory replenishment alerts to receive emails when the listing's fulfillable quantity reaches a threshold. The threshold can be in units or weeks of cover (the number of weeks of available fulfillable inventory based on your sales over the last 30 days).

For example, if it takes two weeks to ship a product and you sell about 100 units in a week, you might set the alert quantity to at least 600 units. When your fulfillable inventory reached 600 units in our fulfillment centers, we would notify you. This would give you three weeks to replenish to a fulfillment center and still maintain more than four weeks of cover in the fulfillment network.


Adjust the settings for how you send more inventory to fulfillment centers.

Supply chain settings tell us how you usually replenish inventory for your product so that recommendations are based on the correct lead time for these supply chain types:

  • Supplier ships directly to Amazon
  • Supplier ships to your facility, then you forward the full shipment to Amazon
  • Supplier ships a bulk supply to your facility, then you replenish inventory to Amazon (if you replenish inventory from your facility to Amazon)

Replenishment settings account for your constraints when we recommend quantities and ship dates.


Configure economics information for the product so that your recommendations can help you get the highest return on your inventory investment. Amazon’s recommendations account for your forecasted FBA fees, revenue, and costs, so be sure to provide this information.

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