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Promotions can help your products stand out from the competition and stimulate sales. However, promotions are most effective when your offer is the Featured Offer (formerly known as "Buy Box"). Otherwise, the promotional messaging cannot appear on the detail page. For more information, go to How the Featured Offer works.

When to create a promotion

Consider creating a promotion when business is slow so that you can motivate both existing and new customers to buy. You can also distinguish your offer from the competition and encourage existing customers to try new products.

There are several options you can choose from when creating a promotion:

  • Percentage-off
  • Buy one, get one free

Successful promotions

Successful promotions motivate customers to buy your product. To run an effective promotion, consider the following guidelines:

  • The customer must know about it. Consider running social media campaigns to drive traffic to your promotion.
  • It is time-sensitive. Customers respond to limited time offers when they face the possibility of missing the offer. Experiment with the duration, depending on your product.
  • It offers sufficient value to influence the customer's choice. Track current sales and gather feedback to really figure out what offers your potential customers find more attractive. Then you’ll have some solid understanding to be able to refine your promotions accordingly.
Note: When considering running promotions for your products, keep in mind that promotions cannot be offered as an incentive for customer reviews, either explicitly or implicitly. Customer reviews for purchases made with promotions might not necessarily get the “Amazon Verified Purchase” badge. You can learn more about Amazon Verified Purchases here.

Promotions vs. sale price

Promotions and sale prices both increase sales. You can use each tool effectively, depending on the situation. However, be careful with products that already have a special price lower than your normal amount.

When to use a promotion

Use a promotion to address the following considerations:

  • Claim codes: If you want to limit the promotion to one per customer or to attendees at a specific event only, provide a promotional claim code to redeem the offer. For more details, see Claim codes and combinability.
  • Increase sales per customer: Set up your money-off promotions with a tiered discount structure (where the more a customer buys, the better the discount) to help you increase total sales per customer. When you create your promotion, select Advanced Options, and then set up the tiers.

When to use a sale price

Use a sale price to address the following considerations:

  • Featured Offer: The right sale price can help you become the Featured Offer. Consider implementing a limited-time sale price if you are competing against offers by other sellers.
  • No redemption requirements: To apply a money-off discount to all of the purchases without a claim code or without limited order price or quantity, implement a limited-time sale price.


Amazon restricts the following categories from certain kinds of promotional offers:

  • Books, Music, Video and DVD (BMVD) products are excluded from promotions.
  • Wine: Excluded from all promotions except Money Off promotions.
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