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Flexible Customer Financing for sellers based in France

General Flexible Customer Financing Program information

What is the Flexible Customer Financing Program?

Designed for sellers on Amazon, this program enables sellers to offer your eligible products for customers to buy using installments with no fees (Your Offer).

What benefits will sellers have implementing the Flexible Customer Financing?

With these flexible customer financing options, sellers have an opportunity to boost their sales on Amazon, by offering the customers a flexibility to pay in installments for their purchases of larger basket sizes, without any fees.

What are the benefits for customers?

Increased affordability: Paying in installments is a mechanism for better budget planning for our customers. In our past surveys, customers have cited no fees as their number 1 expectation on installment products, before convenience and flexibility.

Increased selection: Paying in installments also allows access to a larger range of products, particularly higher-priced items. It enables customers to buy larger basket sizes by spreading the cost over several months.

What are the installments payment solutions available for customers on

Customers in have 2 types of installment solutions available for their purchases. These solutions are provided by third-party payment solution providers, and they are: 4x Carte Bancaire (4xCB) and Option Crédit.

4x Carte Bancaire allows customers to pay in 4 equal installments, over a period of 90 days, for their purchases between €75 and €1200 with a charge on the credit card. Option Crédit gives customers the option to pay for their purchases of between €100 and €3000 through equal monthly charges on their bank account, over a period of up to 24 months.

Note: Normally, customers are required to pay an interest rate or fees to the third- party financial partner in order to pay for their purchases using these installment payment solutions. By enrolling into Flexible Customer Financing program, you can enable your customers to pay using installments, without any fees, when they buy your products.

How do customers make payments in installments?

Customers get the above payment methods at the time of purchase on the payment page. Customers are re-directed to third party payment solution providers page to fill an application and get approval. Once approved, the third-party payment solution providers will automatically deduct payments from the bank account that customers specified during the purchase.

Note: Currently, the Flexible Customer Financing option is only available for purchases made using the 4x Carte Bancaire installment payment solution, due to local regulations.

Where do these no fee installments appear on

No fee installments are displayed on the ASIN detail pages of eligible products, and other payment sections, if the baskets are eligible for installment payments, you will see a marketing banner with wording such as Pay this item in installments with no fees.

Click here for an example.

Are these payment methods popular?

Yes. These products are frequently given high star ratings by our customers.

Eligibility for the Flexible Customer Financing

Where can I find out if my products are eligible for the Flexible Customer Financing?

To check the eligibility of your products, go to the Eligible products tab of the Products page. For enrolling products individually, you can click Enroll, or you can enroll multiple eligible products at a time by using the Bulk upload option. You will also be able to select the duration for which you prefer to enroll your products, with a maximum duration of one year. For products enrolled in bulk, the same start and end date will apply to all products. Enrollment will be effective and visible to customers within 24 hours from your request.

Are all products eligible for the Flexible Customer Financing program?

Flexible Customer Financing is available for your in-stock products priced between €75 and €1,200.

Flexible Customer Financing option is not available for the following items:

  • Gift certificates
  • Books
  • Pre-orders
  • Out-of-stock products
  • Digital products (MP3, ebooks, apps, games and software for download, Kindle subscription, etc.)
  • Infant formula
  • Electronic cigarettes (including e-liquids, refills and accessories), and
  • Other items determined by Amazon from time to time

Flexible Customer Financing fees

Flexible Customer Financing fee is calculated as a percentage of the product price (inclusive of shipping costs and gift wrap if you are using FBA and exclusive of shipping costs and gift wrap otherwise). The amount of the Flexible Customer Financing fee will depend on the customer’s choice of installment payment methods. Current Flexible Customer Financing fee amounts are available on the FCF Rate Card.

When will I be charged?

You are only charged when a customer pays for one of your enrolled products using installment option and the order is moved to Shipped status.

Note: Enrollment and un-enrollment in the program itself is free of charge.

When will my seller account be debited for the Flexible Customer Financing fees?

You will be paid your revenue proceeds as per the regular disbursement cycle in one single payment, minus the cumulative Flexible Customer Financing fees for that cycle.

What happens if a customer buys more than 1 product that I have enrolled in the Flexible Customer Financing?

The Flexible Customer Financing fee is applied to all the products that you enrolled.

If the basket contains 3 items that you enrolled and that are priced at €80, €100, and €120, the fee would be calculated as follows (based on the Rate card as of December 1, 2021):

2.25% * (80+100+120) = €6,75

What happens if a customer buys 1 or more products that I have enrolled into the Flexible Customer Financing, along with 1 or more products that are being sold by other sellers ?

In this case, you are only charged for the products that you enrolled.

Example: If the basket contains 1 item that you enrolled and that is priced at €100 and another item that another seller enrolled and that is priced at €80, the FCF fee would be calculated as follows (based on the Rate card as of December 1, 2021):

2.25%*€100 = €2.25

2.25%*€80 = €1.80

Limited Offer

You will be not be charged the Flexible Customer Financing fee for purchases made by customers until January 31, 2023.

Returns, Refunds and Cancellations

What happens if a customer cancels a purchase of products enrolled in the Flexible Customer Financing?

As a cancellation happens before the order is shipped, you will not be charged any Flexible Customer Financing fee.

What happens if a customer wants to return a purchase of products enrolled in the Flexible Customer Financing purchase?

If a customer returns a Flexible Customer Financing purchase, Amazon will refund you the Flexible Customer Financing fee. Returns are subject to the refund administration fee as per the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

What if the price of an enrolled product changes, or the product goes out of stock?

If the price of a product changes and reduces below the €75 minimum threshold or above the €1200 maximum threshold, the product will be automatically ineligible for the Flexible Customer Financing. It will be displayed as Inactive on Manage Enrolled Products page. If the price of a product changes but remains above the €75 threshold and below the €1200 threshold, the product will remain enrolled in Flexible Customer Financing program.

Apart from price, if an enrolled product goes out of stock, it also appears as Inactive on the Manage enrolled products page. The status returns to Active when the product is back in stock.

Will my Seller Central account be blocked if customers do not pay the installments on time?

No. Your participation in the Flexible Customer Financing program has no influence on your Seller Central account. If a customer does not pay the installments, you won’t be impacted. As a seller, you will be paid the net proceeds from the sales in one single disbursement, as per ur usual payment cycle.

How can I monitor the performance of my Flexible Customer Financing campaign?

You can monitor the performance of your Flexible Customer Financing campaign using the dashboard in the Program overview tab on the Product page.

What if I want to stop my Flexible Customer Financing offer?

To stop a Flexible Customer Financing offer, unenroll the product from the offer.

To unroll from the Flexible Customer Financing program, click Unenroll on Manage your Products page. Similar to enrollment, un-enrollment will be effective within 24 hours from your request. Further, your eligible products may be removed from FCF if they cease to meet the eligibility criteria, or are restricted according to the Business Solutions Agreement (BSA).

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