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Amazon Responsible Person Service (ARP) – FAQ

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What is the Amazon Responsible Person (ARP) Service?

For sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), ARP is a solution that helps comply with the new EU Market Surveillance Regulation. The Market Surveillance Regulation requires that a non-EU seller have an EU-based Responsible Person for CE-marked products (except for medical devices, explosives for civil uses, and certain lifts and cableway installations). Once you subscribe to this service, Amazon will act as the EU Responsible Person for applicable CE-marked products that you designate.

How do I subscribe to the service?

We have launched a dedicated subscription page outlining the service, associated costs, and terms and conditions, here.

Who can subscribe to the service?

Non-EU manufacturers, brand owners, and resellers authorized by the brand to sell in the EU can subscribe to ARP, if they are using FBA.

I have already obtained a Responsible Person, do I have to enroll in ARP?

No. ARP is an optional service offered by Amazon to support FBA-using non-EU manufacturers, brand owners, and resellers authorized by the brand to sell in the EU, to comply with the Responsible Person obligation which came into force on July 16, 2021. You are free to use another Responsible Person for products that are fulfilled using FBA. If you choose to use another Responsible Person, this will not adversely affect the service you receive using FBA.

I have subscribed to the ARP service. How does it work?

After you subscribe to ARP, you will be directed to the Responsible Person dashboard and must submit compliance documentation for your ASINs. You can provide documentation for each of your ASINs by clicking on the Actions tab within the dashboard.

I subscribed to the service in error, or I have changed my mind, or I want to cancel my ARP subscription. Can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe directly on the Responsible Person dashboard. To do so, select Manage subscription and follow the indicated steps to unsubscribe from ARP and avoid further charging of fees.

Note: The ARP service will be free-of-charge until October 2022. You will not be charged for your use of the service before this date.

The Submit documentation page asks for multiple documents for each ASIN. Am I required to submit all of the documentation for all of the products?

You are required to submit only the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) (or Declaration of Performance [DoP], for construction products). You will be prompted in the ARP dashboard to add DoCs or DoPs for all of your ASINs that are subject to Responsible Person obligations. If you believe you have added all the relevant documents, but continue to see this prompt, contact us so we can investigate further.

You are also required to have available the technical documentation supporting the compliance of your products, which can also be submitted on the ARP dashboard. If you do not, Amazon will request these documents periodically. This may be either as part of an audit or pursuant to an EU Market Surveillance Authority request. Once requested, you must provide these additional documents within two working days.

I have subscribed to ARP and submitted my documentation. How will I know my FBA products are represented by Amazon?

ASINs covered by ARP have Amazon’s address information on the labels you print. Ensure that you print all of the labels and carefully follow the instructions on the labels to ensure your shipment successfully arrives at the fulfillment center.

How can I access the terms and conditions of ARP after I subscribe?

Go to Amazon Responsible Person Service Terms and Conditions.

I don’t have all of the compliance documentation for all of the ASINs. What do I do?

We recommend you contact your manufacturer or supplier to obtain the required documentation. When enrolling in the Amazon Responsible Person service, you are required to upload a Declaration of Conformity for all of your products, or a Declaration of Performance for construction products. You must also provide any supporting compliance documentation within two working days.

Can I submit documentation for multiple ASINs at once?

No. You will be required to submit documentation individually for each ASIN covered by ARP.

I own multiple brands. Will the Amazon Responsible Person service cover all of them?

Yes. The EUR 25 per month (excluding VAT) is a flat fee and covers all CE-marked FBA products of your brands for which you have submitted the requested compliance documentation. If you do not sell a product through FBA or have not submitted the required documentation, it will not be covered.

Is the ARP service applicable to all products I offer on Amazon?

No. ARP coverage is limited to units using FBA, and applies to all CE-marked products except for medical devices, explosives for civil uses, and certain lifts and cableway installations.

I also sell on other websites/marketplaces. Does the ARP service work there also?

No. The ARP service is only applicable to ASINs sold on Amazon EU websites and fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

What file types are supported for uploading documents?

Only documents uploaded in pdf, png and jpeg format are accepted.

Does the EU Market Surveillance Regulation apply in the UK?

The EU Market Surveillance Regulation does not apply in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). It applies in Northern Ireland, under the Northern Ireland Protocol. Therefore, you are required to appoint a Responsible Person for sales in Northern Ireland, as you would be for sales in the EU. If you are a brand owner based in Northern Ireland, it may be possible to appoint yourself, or another entity based in Northern Ireland, as a Responsible Person.

How should I contact for help?

If you can't find an answer to your question or are facing difficulties using the Responsible Person dashboard, contact us.

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