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Amazon Outlet

Amazon Outlet is becoming the go-to place for customers to shop for highly discounted markdowns, overstock deals, and clearance products. Outlet offers a wide selection of items, such as automotive products, electronics, clothing and toys.

You can review Outlet deal recommendations in the Manage Inventory Health tool and create deals to be featured on the Outlet page once approved by Amazon. This option can increase sell-through, improve cash flow, optimize inventory levels, and reduce total storage fees.

How Outlet deals work

Sellers submit promotional offers with a minimum discount of 20% via the Create Outlet deal section of the Manage Inventory Health page, and selected deals are featured on the Outlet page for a fixed period of one to two weeks.

To participate in Outlet, you must have a Professional selling plan and an overall customer rating of at least 3.5 stars.

ASINs must meet the following criteria to be eligible for listing on Outlet, which are subject to change without notice:

  • Have inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers for at least 90 days
  • Have more than 10 units of inventory on-hand
  • Have a sales history
  • Be in new condition
  • Have a product rating of at least 3 stars or no reviews
  • Show a reference price
  • Are not currently enrolled in Subscribe & Save
  • Are not currently enrolled in another Deal promotion such as Lightning Deals
  • Have not appeared as an Outlet deal in the past 60 days
  • Comply with Amazon’s customer product reviews policies and price policies.

The Manage Inventory Health page shows which of your eligible products Amazon recommends for Outlet, based on factors such as customer demand and inventory age.

Note: Not every eligible product will get an Outlet recommendation from Amazon. We evaluate ASIN eligibility regularly, so a recommendation you see today may not be recommended tomorrow. Products featured as Outlet deals will not become eligible for Outlet again for 60 days after the deal ends. Updating your product settings may help improve our recommendations and allow for your product to be chosen again. (Click Customize SKU settings in the drop-down menu next to your ASIN on Manage Inventory Health).

How to create and manage an Outlet deal

To create an Outlet deal, follow these steps:

  1. From the Inventory drop-down menu in Seller Central, select Inventory Planning.
  2. Click the Manage Inventory Health tab.
  3. To filter for eligible inventory, click Create Outlet deal in the Show recommendations by setting. You can also follow the links to the Manage Inventory Health page by clicking on the Improve Your Cash Flow card on the Seller Central home page.
  4. From the drop-down menu to the right of the eligible item, select Create Outlet deal.
  5. In the pop-up window, enter your price in the Outlet deal price box. Your price must be less than or equal to the maximum price, which is filled in by default.
    Note: The maximum deal price takes into consideration the lowest price charged by sellers offering the product in new condition. This price might fluctuate if the product’s current sale price changes before the deal starts. After the deal begins, Amazon may cancel it without notice if the product’s sale price rises above the Outlet deal price.
  6. Review the start and end dates for your Outlet deal.
  7. Click Submit.

The message Outlet deal submission successful will appear if your deal was submitted correctly. If you see the message Maximum deal price is €x, change your deal price so it is less than or equal to the maximum.

Successful submissions will be processed twice per week, and, if successfully submitted, will be kept in a pending status until it is scheduled. Not all successful submissions are guaranteed to become deals. Go to the Outlet Deals report to view the status of your deals.

When an approved Outlet deal starts, the price of the item will automatically change to the deal price. When the deal ends, the price will change back to what it was before the promotion.

If you raise the price above the maximum deal price during your Outlet promotion, the deal will be canceled, and your eligibility to participate in future Outlet deals may be affected.

Note: Not all Outlet deal submissions will be approved. A successful submission does not guarantee the deal will be successfully uploaded. The twice weekly processing of deals may encounter issues with the submission, such as low customer review ratings or conflicting deal schedules. If your deal is approved, we will send you an email. We encourage you to review your Outlet Deals report on the Friday after you submit your deals.

To find the report, select Fulfillment from the Reports drop-down menu in Seller Central. The Outlet Deals report will be in the list on the left-hand side of the page under Sales. You can also access the report from the Manage Inventory Health page by clicking Check status in Outlet Deals report under the price for submitted ASINs.

Outlet Fees

There are no additional fees for using Outlet. Standard fulfillment and referral fees still apply for participating ASINs. While the Outlet can help reduce storage fees for units at the fulfillment center, participation in the Outlet does not guarantee that all fees will be waived during the deals time-period. The standard fulfillment and referral fees will not be waived or discounted unless explicitly stated at registration.

How to check the status of an Outlet deal

You can check your deal submission results, deal start and end dates, and deal status in the Outlet Deals report.

  1. From the Reports drop-down menu in Seller Central, select Fulfillment by Amazon.
  2. Under Sales on the left-side navigation, select Outlet Deals.
Note: If a report is not immediately generated for the ASIN, allow up to 24 hours before requesting another one. You can also expand the Event Date range (for example, to last 3 days or last 7 days).

How to cancel an Outlet deal submission

There are several ways you can cancel an Outlet deal submission.

If you choose to cancel before Amazon completes its review:

  1. From the Inventory drop-down menu in Seller Central, select Inventory Planning and click the Manage Inventory Health tab.
  2. From the drop-down menu to the right of the eligible item, select Create Outlet deal.
  3. Change the price and click Update.
  4. Click Cancel Outlet deal.

If you choose to cancel after the deal begins:

  1. Check the Outlet Deals report to see if that ASIN is currently running a deal.
  2. Contact Selling Partner Support to have the deal canceled.
  3. Once you receive notification of the deal being canceled, you can either:
    1. Update the "Sale End Date" to the previous day’s date, or
    2. Remove the "Sale Price" on their ASIN.

Note: A deal that is pending a start time cannot be canceled. You will have to wait until the deal begins before you will be able to cancel.
Note: While it is possible to raise the deal price yourself, unilaterally raising a deal price on a current deal can result in Amazon canceling the deal without notice once the sale price rises above the Outlet deal price. Doing this could negatively affect future participation of your ASINs in Outlet Deals.
Note: ASINs that are submitted for the same deal start times may be grouped together. In the event that we cancel a deal due to a price violation or seller request, all ASINs grouped together will be removed.

Combined Outlet deal and coupon discount

Outlet deal discounts can be combined with discounts from other promotions that you are offering on that product at the same time, including coupons, promotions, sale prices, business prices, and giveaways. For example, if your Outlet deal offers a 50% discount on a €100 ASIN and you also have a 5% off coupon running at the same time for the same ASIN, the total discount would be €55.

  • Standard price: €100
  • Outlet deal discount: 50%
  • Coupon discount: 5%
  • Total discount: (100 x 0.5) + (100 x 0.05) = €55

Outlet best practices

  • Remove pricing rules for an ASIN before submitting. Pricing rules might prevent the price of the ASIN from dropping automatically. These deals would be removed from Outlet, and could result in all Outlet recommendations being suppressed in the future for the account.
  • Use high-quality images. Products with sufficient overstock inventory and high-quality images are more likely to be featured in our marketing campaigns at an ASIN level. Individual ASINs highlighted by Outlet deals have a higher sell-through rate.
  • Combine Outlet deals with coupons to improve conversion.
  • Do not submit an Outlet deal if you are unsure about running the deal for two full weeks. There is no quantity limit, or self-service way to stop the deal once it starts.
  • Discount sibling ASIN variations, even without an Outlet deal recommendation.

Frequently asked questions

I clicked the Create Outlet deal button on the top of the Manage Inventory Health page, but no deals appear. Why?

The Create Outlet deal button is a recommendation filter that will remain on the Manage Inventory Health page even if there are no deals currently eligible for Outlet.

Why hasn’t my deal started yet?

Upcoming deals can be kept in a pending status if there is limited capacity on the Outlet Deals page, even when the ASINs passes the original start date listed. Once a deal has been fully scheduled to start, the status of ASIN should change to “RUNNING” and the deal start and end dates will be updated.

Why was my Outlet deal submission not approved?

The reasons for Amazon not approving an Outlet deal submission include but are not limited to the following:

  • The ASIN is already scheduled for another deal that overlaps with the Outlet deal schedule, such as Lightning Deals.
  • The product images do not follow category guidelines. For more information, go to Product image requirements.
  • The customer review rating is below three stars.
  • You ran out of stock for the ASIN.
  • The maximum deal price requirement changed due to price fluctuations.

Why can’t I cancel my deal?

Amazon may prevent you from canceling an Outlet deal for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The deal has not started yet. Any pending ASIN deals cannot be canceled until it officially starts. Please review the Outlet Deals report.
  • The ASIN was eligible, but is currently not eligible for a deal. As eligibility refreshes weekly, your ASIN might lose its eligibility before a deal can be created. It is important to monitor which ASINs are eligible weekly.
  • There is no deal running for that ASIN. It is important to always be aware which ASIN is running a deal at all times.
  • The deal was already removed after the price was raised higher than the maximum deal price. Deals may be canceled by Amazon without notice if the product’s sale price rises above the Outlet deal price. Raising the deal price on your own can negatively affect future participation in Outlet Deals.

Why can't I find my ASIN on the Outlet homepage?

Before looking for your ASIN on the Outlet page, confirm the status of your submitted deal by checking the Outlet deal report. If the status of the ASIN is Submitted or Ended, your ASIN will not appear on Outlet. If the status is Running, your ASIN should appear on Outlet.

To search for your ASIN on Outlet, select any applicable category of your product and look for your offer among the available deals. Search all applicable categories.

The placement of products on Outlet is based on customer preference.

If you still cannot find your deal, it may have been removed after approval for not meeting guidelines.

Why was my Outlet deal removed after approval?

Your Outlet deal may be removed after approval for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Pricing:
    • Your deal price became higher than the maximum deal price. The maximum deal price takes into consideration the lowest price from any seller with an offer on the product in new condition. The offer prices from other sellers may have changed.
    • Your approved deal price is not the Featured Offer winning price.
    • The current selling price changed before the deal started, possibly resulting in the deal price being higher than the current sale price.
  • There is no remaining new inventory.
  • The product rating fell under the current minimum threshold.
  • Your product images did not follow product image requirements.

May I limit the quantity for Outlet?

No, you may not limit the quantity for Outlet. However, you should not submit an ASIN for an Outlet deal if an increased sales velocity would not benefit your ASIN.

Where can I find the performance report for my participating ASIN?

You can view the performance of your participating ASIN by tracking it during its deal runtime.

  1. From the Reports drop-down menu in Seller Central, select Fulfillment.
  2. Under Sales on the left-side navigation, select All orders.

You can check the runtime of your deal through the Outlet Deals report.

  1. From the Reports drop-down menu in Seller Central, select Fulfillment.
  2. Under Sales on the left-side navigation, select Outlet Deals.

Will pricing rules on my ASIN affect my participation in Outlet?

To ensure the price drops automatically on your deal’s scheduled start time, either pause or delete any automatic pricing rules you may have on your ASINs. Minimum deal prices that are set higher than the Outlet deal price can create issues with the automatic price drop and affect your ASIN's participation in Outlet deals. If the price fails to drop due to these pricing rules, or the price increases, the deal will be canceled without notice.

To pause your pricing rule, go to the Pricing tab on Seller Central and select Automatic Pricing from the drop-down list. Select Take Action > Pause Rule. You can resume a paused rule at any time by selecting Take Action > Resume Rule. To permanently delete a pricing rule, go to the Automate Pricing homepage, then click Take action > Delete Rule.

What other value-recovery services does Amazon offer?

Amazon offers multiple options for your overstock or damaged inventory stored in Amazon’s European fulfillment network. Our services offer you multiple options for tapping into new income streams and avoiding additional storage costs or fees for returning or disposing of your unsold products. These services are designed to maximize value while minimizing waste and reducing carbon footprint.

FBA’s value-recovery services can help you:

  • Avoid costs associated with excess inventory, such as monthly storage fees, long-term storage fees, and the holding cost of capital
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Reduce the costs of reverse logistics

For more details, please visit the Value-recovery services page. Please check back regularly as the selection of programs will be expanding over time.

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