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Wearable personal flotation equipment

Amazon’s policies require that certain safety products sold through Amazon meet specified certification standards. This material is for informational purposes and you should not take it as a substitute for legal advice. We encourage you to consult your legal counsel for any concerns about the laws and regulations concerning your product.

To sell these products on Amazon, apply by submitting the following information to

  • Your company name
  • Your vendor ID or seller ID
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • A list of ASINs you are applying to sell
  • The country or countries where you would like to sell your product
  • Clear product image that displays model number, CE marking, safety instructions, and brand name
    Note: The language of the instructions must match the language of the country in which the product will be sold.
  • EC Declaration of Conformity, or EC type examination certificate that shows compliance to Directive 89/686/EEC, or Regulation (EU) 2016/425: Personal protective equipment
  • Text to be used in the product title and product description
    Note: The terms “life jacket” and “buoyancy aid” apply to different types of product. Use them accurately, to match to classification shown in each product’s certification.

You can find a list of NRTLs who might be able to help you with product certification on the Europe Compliance Solutions page.

Note: By applying to sell these products, you certify that all materials that you submit are true, authentic, and accurate. Amazon may remove your selling privileges for failing to meet these requirements.

Images and definitions of wearable personal flotation equipment

Buoyancy aid – Level 50: Buoyancy aids at level 50 are recommended for use by swimmers in sheltered waters or by those doing watersports where help is close at hand. However, they do not have sufficient buoyancy to protect a person who is unable to help themselves. They are not designed to turn a person from a face-down position in the water.

Life jacket – Level 100: The level 100 life jacket is recommended for use in sheltered and calm waters. It may not have sufficient buoyancy to protect a person who is unable to help themselves and may not roll an unconscious person on to their back.

Life jacket – Level 150: The level 150 life jacket is for general use on coastal and offshore waters where a high standard of performance is required. It should turn an unconscious person on to their back and requires no subsequent action by the wearer to keep their face out of the water. Its performance may be affected if the user is wearing heavy and/or waterproof clothing.

Life jacket – Level 275: The level 275 life jacket is recommended for offshore use, primarily for extreme conditions and for those wearing heavy protective clothing that may adversely affect the self-righting capacity of lesser life jackets. As with the level 150, this life jacket is designed to ensure that the wearer is floating in the correct position with their mouth and nose clear of the surface of the water.

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