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Same-day handling time

Same-day handling allows you to show the customer a faster delivery promise that reflects your ability to pick, pack, and ship a product the same day of receiving an order.

If you offer same-day handling, you must ship all orders and confirm their shipment that are received before the order cut-off timethe same dayto avoid late shipments. If an order is received after the cut-off time, you are expected to ship it and confirm its shipment by the next business day.

Note: Same-day handling is different than same-day delivery. For premium shipping services, such as same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and two-day delivery, the delivery date is automatically set. You are always required to ship the product the same day as long as the order is received before the order cut-off time.

Order cut-off time

Order cut-off times are used to determine the estimated ship date of products. For products with same-day handling enabled, the default order cut-off time for your standard and expedited shipping orders is set to 2 p.m. local time, the time zone of your default ship-from address. All orders received before the cut-off time are expected to be shipped the same day. If an order is received after the cut-off time, you are expected to ship it by the next business day. Based on your business needs, you can view and change the order cut-off time in the General shipping settings tab on the Shipping settings page. To learn more on how to configure order cut-off times, go to Order fulfillment settings.

Set your account level default handling time to same-day

Go to Seller Central and follow the steps below:

  1. On the Shipping settings page, go to General shipping settings.
  2. Scroll down to Handling time and click Edit.
  3. Select Same-day (0 day) and click Save.
  4. Optional: Enter your order handling capacity and click Save. This will allow you to set a limit for how many orders you can handle within your default handling time. Having one additional day for orders above the capacity you set will help prevent late shipments.
Note: When setting your default handling time to same day, you can consider setting a longer handling time for ASINs that take longer to prepare and ship. The ASIN-specific handling time overrides the account level handling time.

Same-day handling FAQ

What is the difference between Same-day handling time and Same-day delivery?

Orders are only required to be picked, packed, and shipped the same day (subject to order cut-off times) when Same-day handling time is enabled

In contrast, Same-day delivery is a Premium Shipping option available to sellers who meet high delivery standards. Same-day delivery requires the order to be delivered to customers on the same day it was ordered (subject to order cut-off times). Amazon mandates that orders using this option be picked, packed, and shipped the same day. To learn more, go to Premium Delivery and guaranteed delivery.

How does this feature apply to Prime orders?

By default, Prime orders with Standard Delivery are expected to be shipped the next day after receiving an order. You will have the option to

1): Enable Same-day handling time for a Prime enabled shipping template. When enabled, you will be required to ship products the same day for Standard Shipping to non-Prime members.

2): Enable Same-day default handling time. When enabled, this will require you to ship orders Same-day for both Prime and Non-Prime orders for all ship methods.

Is Same-day Handling Time applicable to Scheduled Delivery?

No, at this time Same-day handling time is not applicable for Scheduled Delivery. You may have a Same-day handling time for Arranged Delivery options.

Does same-day handling apply to all of my products?

It depends on how you set up same-day handling. If you set same-day handling as your default account handling time, it applies to all ASINs that do not have an ASIN-specific handling time configured. If you configure an ASIN-specific handling time, it overrides your default handling time for that specific ASIN. If you are eligible and set same-day handling on your shipping template, it applies only to ASINs that are assigned to that shipping template and that do not have an ASIN-specific handling time.

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