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What is a deferred transaction?

A deferred transaction is a transaction that will be paid out to you at a future date. Most transactions are deferred for some period of time before they are paid out. The “Payment release date” on the Deferred transactions page tells you when you will be able to access the funds from deferred transactions. After this date, these transactions will move to the Transaction view page and the funds will become available for disbursement.

Why is my transaction deferred?

A transaction is deferred while an order is awaiting delivery or pending buyer payment. You can use the Deferred transactions page to identify these orders, the reason for deferral, the date when you will receive payments of these orders, and the corresponding amount. The following are the deferral reasons you may see on the Deferred transactions page:

Delivery date policy (Orders are awaiting delivery)

An order placed by a customer on Amazon is typically subjected to Delivery date-based reserve policies. The sales proceeds from this order are reserved as a deferred transaction until we know the buyer received the order in the promised condition, and to ensure that you have enough funds to fulfill any returns, claims, or chargebacks.

Previously, sales proceeds withheld through Delivery date-based reserves appeared as a lump sum amount under the “Account level reserves” line within your Payments dashboard. This is now shown as deferred transactions so that you can know exactly which orders are subject to these policies and for how long they will be reserved.

Invoiced orders (Orders are pending buyer payment)

Invoiced orders placed by Amazon Business customers are deferred while awaiting payment by the buyer. These transactions will be released after the customer completes their invoice payment, which typically occurs within 30-45 days after the order date. Note that these orders are also subject to delivery date policies, but in most cases, the invoice due date will be later than the reserve period.

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