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Reparability Index – Circular Economy Law

The French Circular Economy law established in February 2020 aims at increasing manufacturers’ commitments in terms of sustainability and at better informing consumers on the sustainability of the products they purchase.

The mandatory display of a Reparability index for electric and electronic products is established by virtue of article 16 of the Circular Economy law. It consists in displaying a Repairability score (from 0 to 10) on the product detail page along with the parameters which made it possible to establish this score. It will enable to inform consumers about the Repairability of the products concerned.

For more background on the Repairability Index Requirements, please see:

The following information must be transmitted by manufacturers to retailers and by retailers to consumers for all products included in the new regulation:

1. Repairability Index

It consists in a score between 0 and 10 that will be displayed on the product detail page following a color code as presented in the examples below:

When creating a new product, additional information around reparability index will be required:

Please provide the Repairability index score (from 0 to 10) for your item in the field Repairability Index Value and select French Circular Economy Law in the field Repairability Index Regulation of the item creation template.

You will also have to provide these information for existing products falling under this obligation.

For more information on how to add or edit products:

  1. Add one product at a time
  2. Add Products via Upload
  3. Edit listing and product information

2. Calculation Grid Image

The calculation grid details the 5 criteria taken into account for the calculation of the Repairability Index. The format of the grid has been standardized and can be found here: sites/default/files/

It might differ depending on the product categories.

Once your item has been added to our catalogue, please upload the calculation grid as an image. The recommended format for the file is JPEG (.jpg) and the URL must be correctly formed and valid (e.g. include http://). It must contain ".RIFR" in the file name (e.g. B0000TEST1.RIFR.jpg); otherwise, the image will not be displayed on the detail page. This image will have to meet with the usual technical requirements detailed on the following page: Produt image requirements.

For more information about images and naming see the Help topic: Prepare product images.

Example of a Calculation Grid. Source :

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