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Claims and reimbursements through Amazon Global Logistics

This page explains how to submit a claim in these cases:

  • You believe you have been incorrectly charged a fee.
  • Inventory is lost or damaged and you are seeking reimbursement.

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Booking transportation

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Paying for Amazon Global Logistics

Fees that may be incorrect

If you believe you have been incorrectly charged a fee, contact us to submit a claim. Include your shipment ID and describe the fee in question. If your claim is approved, your account will be reimbursed within seven business days after approval.

Remember that your shipment costs may differ if the estimated weight and volume that you provide during booking does not match the actual weight and volume.

In addition, the quote that you receive includes costs for end-to-end freight, and import and export customs clearance. It also includes any value-added services that you choose. The quote does not include VAT or duties, FBA fees, any additional costs, or all of the above.

For more information, visit Booking transportation with Amazon Global Logistics or Using Send to Amazon to book transportation with Amazon Global Logistics.

Missing or damaged inventory

If your inventory is missing or damaged, you may be eligible for a full or partial reimbursement.

Note: We will email you a signed proof of delivery (POD) within seven business days after your inventory is received at a fulfillment center. It can take 6 to 10 days after arrival for your shipment to be unloaded and stored, but your items will be available for fulfillment after that final step.

1. Determine if your shipment is eligible for investigation

If there are discrepancies between your shipping plan and what Amazon received at the fulfillment center, you can request an investigation. To be eligible for investigation, your shipment must meet four conditions:

  • It has been shipped to the fulfillment center.
  • It has reached the eligibility date for investigation shown on the Reconcile tab of the shipment Summary page.
  • It has been received within the past nine months.
  • It has proof-of-purchase documentation.

2. Submit a claim

To submit a claim for damaged inventory, contact us and include your shipment ID.

To submit a claim for missing inventory, go to your Shipping Queue. Find the shipment in question and click Track shipment. On the Summary page, click Reconcile. Then, under Status/Action required, select Missing–please research.

For more information, see sections 17 and 18 of our freight terms and program policies.

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