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Flexible Customer Financing (FCF) Terms and Conditions

The Flexible Customer Financing terms and conditions (“FCF Terms and Conditions”) apply to your participation in Flexible Customer Financing program (“FCF” or the “Program”). These FCF Terms and Conditions supplement the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement (the “Business Solutions Agreement”) and the Amazon Payments Europe Selling on Amazon User Agreement (together, the “Agreements”) relating to your participation in the Selling on Amazon Service. By registering for or using the Program, you accept the present FCF Terms and Conditions. Capitalized terms used and not defined in these FCF Terms and Conditions have the meanings ascribed to them in the Agreements.

1.    Description of the Program
FCF enables you to make your eligible products available for customers to purchase with no fees (“Your Offer”) through instalment payment solutions provided by third party financial institutions on The Program is available for your physical products in stock on with a price range of 75 € - 1200 €  (“Eligibility Criteria”). The Program is not available, and Your Offer will not be valid, on customer baskets containing items that are ineligible for instalment payments, including gift certificates, books, pre-orders, out-of-stock products, digital products (MP3, ebooks, apps, games and software for download, Kindle subscription, etc.), infant formula, electronic cigarettes (including e-liquids, refills and accessories), and/or other items determined by Amazon from time to time.

2.    Eligible Products enrolment and cancellation
Your products eligible for FCF will show in the FCF section of your seller account (“Eligible Products”). You can only enrol Eligible Products in FCF, individually or as groups. During the enrolment process, you will be prompted to select the start and end date of Your Offer, for a maximum duration of one year. If you enrol Eligible Products in groups, the same start and end date will apply to all products in the same group. You can unenrol Eligible Products from FCF at any time. Eligible Products enrolment and unenrolment will be effective and visible to customers within 24 hours from your enrolment or unenrolment request. Your Eligible Products may be removed from Your Offer if they do not meet the Eligibility Criteria or are restricted according to the Business Solutions Agreement.

3.    Program fee
For each Eligible Product of Your Offer purchased by customers, Amazon will charge you a fee (“FCF Fees”) in addition to other applicable fees (for example, Referral Fees). The FCF Fee is calculated as a percentage of the product retail price exclusive of VAT (inclusive of shipping costs and gift wrap if you are using FBA and exclusive of shipping costs and gift wrap otherwise). Current FCF Fee amounts are available on the FCF Rate Card. We will not charge you the FCF Fee if a customer cancels the order, and we will refund you the FCF Fee if a customer returns the product, in each case, in accordance with Amazon’s Returns Policies.

4.    Termination
The FCF Terms and Conditions will automatically terminate upon termination of any of the Agreements.

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