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This article applies to selling in: France

Claims on pet food in the EU

Any claims on pet food products must be substantiated at time of use; not confuse or mislead purchasers and not denigrate other pet foods. The claim shall be objective, verifiable to the competent authorities and understandable by the user of the pet food. Claims must not mislead the customers:

  • as to the intended use or characteristics of the pet food, in particular, the nature, method of production, properties;
  • by attributing to the pet food effects or characteristics that it does not possess or by suggesting that it possesses special characteristics when in fact all similar pet food possess such characteristics;
  • by claiming that it will prevent, treat, or cure a disease;
  • by claiming that it has particular nutritional purpose (PARNUT), but is not included in the list of PARNUTS (Dietetic Pet Food). Claims related to dietetic pet food can only be made for the indications that are laid down in Annex I Part B of Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/354, and when the product is in compliance with the essential nutritional characteristics therein.
  • by using colors, fonts, and size obscuring or emphasizing the legal requirements unless the aim is to draw attention to precautionary statements.

We encourage you to visit the European Pet Food Industry FEDIAF labelling Code, which contains guidance on EU pet food labeling rules.

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