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FBA Grade and Resell

The FBA Grade and Resell program allows you to recover value from your unfulfillable customer returns. After enrollment, Amazon will automatically evaluate the condition of your unfulfillable customer returns and create a used listing for you. You set the price and manage the listing, just like you do for your current new and used items.

Note: Grading is the process Amazon uses to evaluate and determine the condition of an item for relisting. Fulfillment center uses the same process to evaluate customer returns. For more information, go to Amazon website.

How it works

  • You enroll into FBA Grade and Resell on the Automated unfulfillable settings.
  • If your customer returns become unfulfillable, we will automatically route the eligible inventory to the Grade and Resell program where an Amazon specialist will complete a 20-point inspection.
  • Based on Amazon’s Condition guidelines, graded items are assigned one of four conditions: Used – Like New, Used – Very Good, Used – Good, or Used – Acceptable.
  • At the time of relisting, a processing fee applies. No processing fee will apply for submitted items that are graded as Unsellable. These items will remain in your unfulfillable inventory where eligible items can be liquidated, donated or returned to you.
  • Once items are submitted to the program, grading and relisting can take up to three weeks. However, the process may take longer during the holiday season selling period.
  • A SKU is generated for your used listing under the parent ASIN.
  • You set the price for your items based on the used condition. You manage pricing, advertising, and sales using your existing processes, just like you do for your new items.
  • By participating in this program, you agree to the FBA Grade and Resell terms and conditions.


Note: Amazon will waive the FBA Grade and Resell processing fees for all inventory until December 31, 2022. Referral fees and FBA fulfillment fees still apply.
Note: While your inventory is in process, inventory storage fees will cease to accrue for that inventory. For items graded as Used, the clock restarts on long-term storage fees and monthly storage fees once your item is listed. For items graded as Unsellable, standard Amazon storage fees will apply once the item is returned to your unfulfillable inventory.

Product eligibility

To ensure a net positive transaction when fees are applied after December 31, 2022, inventory must have a minimum calculated average sales price (ASP) of €15 in order to be eligible for FBA Grade and Resell. Eligibility is restricted to customer returned FBA inventory that is in Amazon fulfillment centers.

Eligibility is also subject to legal, safety, regulatory, and other guidelines. Ineligible products include the following:

Enrolling and managing your inventory

Note: Submitting inventory for Grade and Resell manually through Create Removal Order (previously available only in UK) is no longer available. If you want to ensure that your customer returns are submitted to the FBA Grade and Resell program going forward, follow the instructions for Automated unfulfillable settings below. Any returns already received at the fulfillment center will not be submitted, but any future customer returns will pass through the process, if eligible.

Step 1: Enroll into FBA Grade and Resell

In order to start benefiting from this program, you need to set your FBA Grade and Resell settings first:

  1. On the settings menu, click Fulfilment by Amazon
  2. On the Fulfillment by Amazon Settings page, locate Automated unfulfillable settings
    Note: If your permissions don’t allow you to complete these navigational steps, try the following: On the Inventory tab, click Manage FBA Inventory . Click Remove unfulfillable inventory, and then click Auto-Removal Settings.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. On the Automated unfulfillable settings page, click Enable and select Grade and Resell.
  5. To set the percentage discount per condition select Set your price (these discounts can be updated anytime).
  6. If you want to exclude ASINs from the program you can do this by going to Enter ASINs to Exclude.
  7. Click update at the bottom of the page to save your settings (only after you click on update your customer returns will automatically be routed to the 'Grade and Resell program'.

Important: In order to be eligible for the FBA Grade and Resell program, your inventory must be in a location authorized by you.

Step 2: Amazon grades your customer returned inventory

After you enroll to FBA Grade and Resell, your eligible customer returned inventory will be automatically routed to our program where:

  1. A returns specialist completes a 20-point inspection using a questionnaire based on the category of the product.
  2. A proprietary algorithm determines the suitable condition: Used – Like New, Used – Very Good, Used – Good, and Used – Acceptable, based on our condition guidelines. Items that don’t meet these guidelines are graded as Unsellable and remain in your unfulfillable inventory.
  3. If the item is graded as Used, we'll refurbish and repackage it for resale, as needed.

Step 3: Track the status of graded inventory

You can keep track of your graded items in the 'FBA Grade and Resell Report'. For the entire inventory that enters the program you will have information on return process date, disposition, ASIN, merchant SKU, status, and grading condition. Inventory will appear in this report after we have completed the evaluation process.

Step 4: Manage your listing

Once an item is graded as Used, a SKU is generated for your new listing under the parent ASIN.

You can change the price on Manage Pricing, once the listing is created. All SKUs in FBA Grade and Resell begin with to allow you to search for and track graded inventory in Seller Central. The listings will display in your inventory reporting tools, and payments will be displayed in the Payments Dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

How can I change my initial price settings?

You can change your initial price settings in the FBA Grade and Resell section of the Automated unfulfillable settings. Price settings can be changed at any time, however these changes are not retroactive to inventory graded before you’ve changed the settings. The initial list price for a used item is calculated based on your discount percentage values multiplied by the new item price at the time of relisting in the same store where it was originally purchased.

Example comparing initial list price for used items based on condition

Condition Discount percentage 1 New item price at time of relisting 2 Initial list price of used item 3 SKU example 4
Used – Like New 95% €50 €47.50
Used – Very Good 90% €45.00
Used – Good 85% €42.50
Used – Acceptable 80% €40.00

1 You determine the discount percentage based on the new item price.

2 FBA Grade and Resell pricing is calculated based on your new item prices, which must comply with the Amazon Marketplace Fair Pricing policy.

3 Once you create used pricing tiers for an SKU, additional items of the same SKU submitted to FBA Grade and Resell will automatically have the initial price applied.

4 A maximum of five SKUs will be generated for your used listing under the parent ASIN: four used conditions and one unsellable.

How much recovery value can I earn through the program?

FBA Grade and Resell allows you to relist eligible, unfulfillable inventory on Amazon. Since you manage the used listing and control the price, you control the recovery value. To ensure a net positive transaction when fees are applied, inventory must have a minimum calculated ASP of €15to be eligible for FBA Grade and Resell. ASP is calculated using your Sales history, the average FBA selling price on Amazon, and the sales history of the specific ASIN.

Does customer feedback on FBA Grade and Resell items affect my product and seller feedback rating?

FBA Grade and Resell items are listed and managed by you, and product and seller feedback ratings apply as usual.

What if my submitted item is graded as Unsellable?

If your item is graded as Unsellable, the item will remain in your unfulfillable inventory and FBA Grade and Resell fees will not apply. Manage your unfulfillable inventory as you normally would.

What should I do if my items do not sell?

Manage excess items as you would new listings, with marketing and pricing levers. You can also choose to liquidate eligible items, return the inventory to yourself, donate eligible items or dispose them.

My item has internal memory—will the memory be wiped?

Amazon will follow its standard operating procedures to carefully handle items with internal memory, but does not guarantee removal of data. Before customers return items on which they have saved personal information, they should clear the memory device. This is specified in Amazon’s customer returns policy for items such as laptops, cameras, or other electronic devices. For more information, go to About our returns policy.

How long do used items take to sell?

Used items typically take longer to sell than new items. Manage your listing as you normally would to decrease the time to sell.

How do I track customer payments and fees for FBA Grade and Resell?

Track fees and customer payments in the Payments Dashboard. The FBA Grade and Resell processing fee will appear once an item has been relisted as Used.

What is the returns policy for FBA Grade and Resell inventory?

The returns policy is the same as for new listings you manage. For more information, go to FBA customer returns policy.

Can I relist a customer-returned FBA Grade and Resell item?

All FBA Grade and Resell customer-returned items will be marked as Unfulfillable, from where (if eligible) they will flow through the FBA Grade and Resell program again.

Why does the status of my item show as “listing failed”?

A listing may fail for several reasons, the most common are: the item is not in a condition that can be sold as used, the item is not eligible for grading, or the item is not eligible to be sold as used. In those cases, you can also choose to liquidate eligible items, return the inventory to yourself, donate eligible items or dispose them.

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