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Infant Inclined Sleep Product

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An Infant Inclined Sleep Product (IISP) is a free standing product with an inclined sleep surface primarily intended and marketed to provide sleeping accommodations for an infant up to 5 months old, or when the infant begins to roll over or pull up on sides, whichever comes first.

1) Framed-type Inclined Sleep Products: self-supporting products with a semi-rigid sleeping surface, that are either stationary, or allow for manual and/or automated rocking.

2) Hammocks: typically constructed of fabric and suspended from two or more points across a crib, or suspended from a stand or ceiling.

3) Compact Inclined Sleep Products: also known as infant sleep recliners.

4) Accessory Inclined Sleep Products: intended to provide sleeping accommodations for infants or newborns. These products are attached to, or supported in some way, by another product and can be either fixed or adjustable.

5) Additional IISP Accessories: products (sound and vibration machines, pads) that can be added on to IISP products.

6) Mat with bolsters: category of ISPs includes a mat (inclined or flat) with two bolsters or foam pieces, with or without straps. This category includes “wedge” mats with two bolsters or foam pieces. Mats with bolsters used for positioning an infant’s head while in a car seat are not included in this category.

7) Wedge without bolsters: category of ISPs includes a triangle shaped foam piece, which sits under a crib sheet or mattress, in a crib or bassinet, elevating the head of the sleep surface.

8) Infant head cradlers and pillows,: products are used to position and support an infant’s head, while the infant is laying in a supine position.

Note: The restrictions on sale of Inclined Infant Sleep Positioners was launched in March 2020
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